Abigail Potter
Abigail Potter

Abigail Potter has transitioned back to her original passion of teaching, something she knew at 8 years old.

Potter will serve as the long-term substitute art instructor this year at Chatfield High School while Chatfield’s art teacher, Kelly Puent, is on sabbatical.

“Surprisingly, I wanted to teach, then as I grew older I changed my mind quite a bit and explored a variety of things. I even started my college studies with a completely different degree major. However, I quickly transitioned back to my original passion: teaching. I should have listened to my 8-year-old self,” said Potter. “I decided to become a teacher because I honestly couldn’t see myself doing anything else. I love sharing knowledge with others while exploring and learning new things about myself.”

Potter comes to the district after spending a semester student teaching in New Richmond, Wis., and a year subbing in Rochester.  She is a graduate of Rochester’s Century High School and also of the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. 

“I’m really looking forward to the opportunity to teach in a school system the size of Chatfield. I have heard excellent things about this school system,” she said.  “I am excited to meet the rest of the staff and learn how our strengths complement each other as we collaborate. I’ve had the pleasure to meet Kelly Puent and look forward to working with her and the rest of the staff this coming year.”

Potter related, “I feel students should learn about themselves. I believe a good education should give students knowledge in a variety of subjects, prepare them for their future, and spark interest in things that they will continue to explore later in life.

“I expect to expose students to new, exciting media and ideas while encouraging students to dig a little deeper to explore their own interests in art.  I will cover a variety of media with students and choose subject matter that interests and challenges them.  I hope to introduce students to a creative outlet for their ideas and thoughts, enabling them to express themselves through different media.”

She’s up to the challenge of meeting and educating her students on how they can be creative. 

“Every school year, a new set of students provides new opportunities. There is always a short transitional period as we all get to know one another,” she noted. “I look forward to the beginning of the school year and the enthusiasm the students will bring to the art room.”

Potter lives in Rochester. She has one sister who lives in Wisconsin, and both of her parents live in Rochester with their family dog.  Since she graduated with an emphasis in fiber arts, she enjoys creating art in her free time. She also enjoys hiking, reading and cooking.