Calvin Canales
Calvin Canales

Calvin Canales wanted to be a frog-ologist, but then he started doing the math.

“When I was 6, I wanted to grow up to study frogs,” said Canales, Chatfield’s 2014-2015 Minnesota Math Corps tutor, who will be working with fourth, fifth and sixth grade students at Chatfield Elementary this year.

Canales is a 2010 graduate from the high school in Rio, Wis., and a 2014 graduate of the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.

“As an AmeriCorps tutor, I had a choice of math or reading, and I chose math. I chose to be a tutor because it was only one year of service and I would not only benefit the community, but also my career,” he said.

Canales added that he chose to come to Chatfield because it was a rural community, the most rural of all the sites available in which to tutor.

“I also heard the athletics are great here,” he added. “I expect that working with the staff will be rewarding and I expect to make a lot of progress throughout the year.”

Canales feels the most important thing children should learn while in school is that “knowledge is power.”

That said, he went on, “I expect the students will have a lot of questions for me and I hope to help out with after school math programs. If I can do anything in a student’s life, it is to inspire them to want to learn.”

He now lives on a farm in Harmony and he enjoys spending his free time with his family.

“I have a younger sister who is very athletic and entering the seventh grade,” Canales added. “She’s a goof, and we go biking and fishing together. My younger brother is also athletic and about half a foot taller than I. He is entering his senior year and considering a career in chiropractic. My mother is a floor supervisor for a glove factory, and my father is a mechanic in a company that manufactures cans.”

After school’s out, Canales keeps an eye on the stock tickers, but he also expects to take some ribbing from Vikings fans who know he’s from Wisconsin.

“I mostly check the stock market and look for projects,” he concluded. “One project I plan to do this year is build a camper. The Vikings are looking pretty good this year, so if the Packers don’t have a good season, I’m going to hear about it.”