If one is a closet musician, hesitant to share talents with the public, the Chatfield Center for the Arts may have the perfect venue to break down the walls of shyness.

"Probably for a little over a year now, at the Chosen Bean concerts, people have been talking back and forth about having an open jam session, and after going, I found that there are a lot of closet music players," said Chatfield musician Lynn Harstad.

She is one of the organizers of the Chatfield Center for the Arts' (CCA) new jam sessions, held the last Sunday of each month in the CCA's Legion Room.

Harstad related that people she hadn't realized were musicians were ready to gather and play together.

"Our first session was Sunday, Oct. 27, and we had nine players - three fiddlers, four guitarists, an accordion and a percussionist. It's open to anybody who wants to play. We had a wide range of music, from old-time to the 'Eagles' to John Prine. We work our way around the circle and someone says what they want to play. Some play with music, some play by ear. Anything goes."

Harstad explained that when she attended her very first jam session, she didn't have music, but it was amazing to discover how much fun she had figuring out the other guitarists' tunes.

"It was fun to stretch myself that way. It was nice to have such a wide mix and no set genre. We're hoping the same people come back, and more," she added. "We're meeting monthly, and we're hoping that more people will join us."

Presently, the sessions are only for the musicians who show up to share their talents - audiences are going to be treated to an open microphone concert "every six months or so."

"We intend to have open mike sessions, but I think for now, we won't have people playing in front of a group," Harmony said. "Not yet, but there will be plenty of time for people to come and enjoy how loose the sessions are. I like the way they're run and I'm excited about having a group of people who like to play meet monthly."

Harstad concluded, "Hopefully, we can encourage anyone who's a closet player. Hopefully, too, this is a venue where people who want to learn can come and play, even though they're stepping out of their comfort zones. I think it'll be fun."

The next jam session is set for Sunday, Nov. 24, at the Chatfield Center for the Arts from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Interested persons should contact Lynn Harstad at (507) 867-3877 for more information.