Blake Jansen
Blake Jansen
Blake Jansen wanted a hot career.

"I wanted to grow up to be a professional marshmallow roaster," said Chatfield High School's new Spanish teacher, who joined the staff mid-year to replace Hannah Iacarella.

When the flames of marshmallow roasting didn't rise, he decided to pursue a career with equally searing interest.

He explained, "I chose to teach Spanish because I have a love for the language and cultures. I chose to become a teacher because I have a passion for learning, and I want to be able to pass that on to my students."

Jansen graduated from high school in 2007, attended the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, earning his degree this past May and moving on to teach in Rochester.

"I have taught for one year, and have taught only Spanish. I started teaching at Freidell Middle School in Rochester for the first semester this year," he explained. "I decided to come to Chatfield in order to continue teaching Spanish and have the opportunity to teach in a small school setting."

As part of the Chatfield High School staff, he looks forward to getting to know his students and seeing them succeed.

"I most anticipate helping students increase their understanding of the Spanish language and Spanish-speaking people," he elaborated. "I think the most important thing a child should learn while in school is how to be productive and active members of a global community."

Though he foresees some challenges in acquainting himself with his students since he has arrived in the middle of the school year, he's ready to take on that challenge.

"I enjoy getting to know my students and encouraging them to succeed in their interests," Jansen said. "I hope to have fun in Spanish while learning - one activity, specifically, that I hope to do is a fashion show. I hope to be an example of positivity and encouragement."

Jansen lives in Rochester.

"I have a fiancé, Lauren, whom I started dating when we studied abroad in Spain during college. Lauren is a nurse at Saint Marys in Rochester, and we are getting married this November," he concluded. "I like to play sports - mostly golf and basketball, and I like to spend time with my fiancé."