Studio 223, Chatfield's new yoga studio, is now open at 223 South Main Street. GRETCHEN MENSINK LOVEJOY/CHATFIELD NEWS
Studio 223, Chatfield's new yoga studio, is now open at 223 South Main Street. GRETCHEN MENSINK LOVEJOY/CHATFIELD NEWS
Kate Schroeder is the proprietor of a new yoga studio in downtown Chatfield, Studio 223, which opened this past Saturday, Jan. 25, in the building between Dave's Barbershop and Just So Sewing & Crafts.

The Chatfield resident decided to open the studio because she feels that fitness is important.

"Living an active lifestyle has always been important to me. I grew up playing sports, became a runner in my college years, and enjoy participating in various outdoor activities with my family," she said.

Schroeder, who teaches part-time for Rochester Public Schools, is looking forward to teaching classes. "Because I enjoy the camaraderie of working out with others as they inspire and challenge me, I am excited to open the doors to a place I hope fosters a sense of community while also building and maintaining health and wellness," she said.

Studio 223's instructors include Schroeder, Brandy Allen, Jayna Harstad, Lisa Puhl and Donna Jewison, all of whom are certified in various forms of yoga.

Allen teaches Tabata, a Japanese "form of high intensive interval training (HIIT)...that provides much of the same health benefits as cardio, but adds a bit more of a punch."

Other classes offered at Studio 223 include the 3-2-1 workout that features three minutes of cardio exercises, two minutes of strength exercises and one minute of core exercises done in cycles throughout a one-hour workout, open barre. This, Schroeder said, "fuses yoga, Pilates, core conditioning and interval strength training." There is also Vinyasa flow yoga, which "links body movement with breath," and heated yoga, power yoga, restorative yoga and Yin Yang yoga.

Schroeder invited interested persons to stop in and check out the studio's classes, as well as take a look at the historic building the studio occupies.

"At Studio 223, we are a passionate group of people who love life. We share a love for the active lifestyle and the restoration it brings to our body, mind and spirit," she said. "Our purpose is to share our passion for health, to motivate, challenge and inspire, and to teach oneself to simply slow down and live in the moment. We invite you to join us, as you reach your goal to becoming stronger and healthier."

Schroeder lives in Chatfield with her husband of 10 years, Jonathan, and their three children.

Studio 223 is located at 223 S. Main St., Chatfield. For more information on Studio 223, call Kate Schroeder at (507) 208-5665 or log onto the studio's website at