Hello hiking, nature, and photo enthusiasts. In recognition of National Trail Day on June 1, the Bluff Country Hiking Club (BCHC) is planning a photo scavenger hunt on the Lost Creek Hiking Trail. The event is a self-guided/self-paced event designed to help others better understand the enjoyment and overall appreciation of hiking via your experiences on the trail captured through your photography. Whether you are an amateur photographer or a professional, novice hiker or seasoned veteran, all are welcome to participate.

The objective of the BCHC photo scavenger hunt is to capture your favorite experiences or moments throughout the 6 plus miles of the Lost Creek Hiking Trail that represent the following categories:

• Stewardship

• Beauty

• Education

• Relaxation

• Challenge

• Friendship/comradery

The rules are simple:

1. Submit one picture for each of the aforementioned categories (six photos total). What photographic moment is representative for each of the categories as you hike the trail?

2. Submit your pictures by June 15, 2013, to be judged by the BCHC members. Send to: lostcreekhikingtrail@gmail.com.

3. You may enter one set of photos per hiker.

4. Many of your pictures will be displayed on our website www.bluffcountryhikingclub.org.

5. Winners will be notified prior to June 30 via e-mail and will be recognized on our website.

6. Have fun! Enjoy your experience on the trail.

The Bluff Country Hiking Club is located in Chatfield and is a non-profit (501c) corporation. Our mission is to promote stewardship, to provide education, and to encourage appreciation of our natural resources while improving the health of our community through the development and promotion of hiking and snowshoeing trails in southeastern Minnesota. For additional information and to print out a trail map, check out our website at www.bluffcountryhikingclub.org.