Party all night till the cows come home!


"Have fun! Stay up all night! Win prizes!" said Chatfield post prom party committee member Anne Mandt, promising a groovy gala for attendees of the annual after-prom gathering that rocks, to be held after the prom, midnight to 5 a.m. Sunday, May 6, at the elementary school in the cafeteria and gymnasium."

The party is for all junior and senior students from Chatfield, regardless if they go to prom.

"Those who go to prom and their dates can come as long as the date goes through the grand march ceremony, in the event that the date is an out-of-town guest or sophomore student.

"This party was started 26 years ago as a positive, fun and safe place for students to go to after the prom. We have heard many positive responses from students and parents about how much fun it is, and I think the fact that it has been going on this long emphasizes the importance and value, and the fun that kids have had."

She related, "This is a great extension of the prom and is well received by the students. They are all well behaved and seem to have a great time. I have heard from many that they are sometimes looking forward more to the party than the prom, but I'm sure prom is still fun. They can win wonderful prizes, spend time with their friends, and make lasting memories of their last years in school." 

There's plenty to do at the post prom party, beginning with games and ending with breakfast of doughnuts and orange juice.

"During the evening, kids play games to earn raffle tickets. There are blackjack tables, video games, a putting green, bingo, a dress-up booth, beanbag tournament, and volleyball tournament. All of these games can earn them a ticket or two, which can be used for the raffle drawing.

"There is also a henna artist or two that is just for fun, and the highlight of the evening is the hypnotist, who we have had previously and does an excellent job."

And there's food, glorious food... so much that there's no need to stand in line.

"This year's menu includes walking tacos, cheesy chicken sandwiches provided by Old Tyme Cafe and sponsors, Dilly Bars donated by our local Dairy Queen, water, pop, coffee for the workers, and donuts and orange juice for the early morning."

And "many" prizes, according to Mandt.

"We have tickets to movies, Twins games, Honkers games, the House of Bounce, TVs, microwaves, camping packages, beach packages, stuff for seniors going off to college, portrait discounts for juniors and many more items. Each junior and senior from Chatfield will get a prize, and all who enter get a $10 gift card to Kwik Trip or Greenway-Cenex."

There's only one catch: "Students must be there by 1 a.m. and are asked not to leave until 5 a.m. If they choose to leave, we phone their parents and let the parents know."

The Chatfield prom party committee is comprised of approximately 10 people.

"We usually have about 30 by the time it is all done, most working the Saturday and Sunday of the event."

Currently, the team is "tying up loose ends" and requesting assistance from volunteers to chaperone and serve at the event.

"We are still looking for parent volunteers for the night of the party. You would work 11:45 p.m. to about 3:30 a.m., you get to spend time with some fun kids, you can stay and watch the hypnotist - always a great time, and you would help a worthy cause. Oh yeah, you can also have food and coffee all night."

Mandt expressed the post prom committee's appreciation for the donations from the community that make the party possible, as the committee does not have fundraisers in progress.

"We currently do not have a specific fundraising event - we just ask for donations from various businesses, being very strongly supported by our local businesses. We also work to buy locally, and many times get donations with our purchases. Without donations, we would not be able to have the party. They help pay for the food, hypnotist, henna artist, and prizes.

"We have received many wonderful donations from parents and businesses, most who have given to us for many years... thank you. We are always looking for new donors, and try to make it a good way for businesses to advertise their services, and we can always use more donations. Whatever we get, we give back to the students in prizes."

To the students, she said, "It is basically free for you to come, and you will have a great time, get fun prizes, and could win some big ones!"

Mandt may be contacted for more information at 507-867-4743, or e-mail