In a short meeting of the Chatfield City Council on Aug. 26, the council heard a land conveyance request from Kyle and Karla Bucknell. The couple is looking to build on a 3.43-acre piece of land, which is currently part of the 35.9 acre Ferguson parcel located on Hill Street.

Their request to split the parcel would occur along Hill Street. The parcel the Bucknells requested is located east of the street. The land is currently zoned rural residential and the Bucknells expressed interest in running a business on the property, as well.

Clerk Joel Young said the business side of the proposal would have to be cleared through the planning commission.

Kyle Bucknell went through several other details and plans of the property, which included possible development of the parcel on the other side of the street.

City Attorney Frederick Suhler reminded the council that the issue they had to deal with related only to the land conveyance.

Young said the reason Bucknell brought up that future project was to make sure the cost of the bituminous would be assessed equally to future landowners.

The council approved the conveyance, with council member Robert Pederson expressing his approval that people were interested in moving to the area.

New running, walking event

The council approved a new running/walking event to take place Oct. 12. The First Annual Gopher Dash 5K Run/Walk and One Mile Run/Walk will be a fundraiser for Chatfield schools' Action 100 Reading Program and other educational activities.

The request for city involvement would include blocking off intersections within the city.

Pederson said the event would require volunteers. Since the city would be liable for any issues, Pederson reminded the council there would need to be enough to control the event.

The race will begin at 3 p.m. and start and end at the high school.

Committee reports

Councilmember Ken Jacobson reported on a discussion that had occurred at the most recent public services committee meeting. The police department had expressed interest in switching their record management software system to align with what the new Law Enforcement Technology Group (LETG) system the Fillmore County Sheriff's Office has implemented.

Jacobson said a recommendation to the council would most likely be forthcoming in the next several weeks for the switch to occur.

Also coming to council soon will be a request to decide on signage for the enforcement of the vehicle noise ordinance. The issue had been sent to the committee at the Aug. 12 council meeting as a result of resident complaints about truck drivers jake braking through town. This is especially disconcerting when taking place in the late night and early morning hours.

The Commercial Club met and talked about the Western Days float and possible improvements and changes to it in the coming years. Nothing was suggested for council action. Downtown flower watering volunteer slots have been filled until Sept. 8.

Councilmember Paul Novotny reported from the personnel and budget committee that levy limits set by the state would be the same for 2014 as they were in 2013. Since the city's proposal for 2014 had been less than what the 2013 levy limit had been, Novotny said the proposal might increase, although more discussion would need to take place on that issue.

In both the mayor's and clerk's reports, Mayor Russell Smith and Young shared their experiences on a recent visit to Fort Ridgely and the graves of men who died during the Dakota War in 1862.

"I felt honored to go and represent Chatfield," stated Smith.

The Chatfield contingent placed a wreath during a rededication ceremony of graves that contain the remains of soldiers from Chatfield and Fillmore County.