The Class AA Championship game between the Chatfield Gophers and the Minneota/Lincoln HI Vikings is scheduled for 1 p.m., Friday, Nov. 29, at the Metrodome in downtown Minneapolis.

Chatfield has defeated Jackson County Central (32-6) and Hawley (41-21) on its road to Prep Bowl XXXII, while Minneota/Lincoln HI has wins over Moose Lake/Willow River (31-20) and Maple Lake (50-24).

Both of these programs have a state tournament history. Chatfield's last trip to the "big dance" was in 1999. The Gophers have also made state tournament appearances in 1981, 1982, 1991, and were Class C champions in 1994, '95, and '96.

Minneota was in the state tournament as recently as 2010, won the Class A championship in 2009, brought home Class C championships in 1986, 1987, and 1988, and has also made state tournament appearances in 1985, '89, '92, and '94.

Now, the history lesson goes a little bit further than both teams having been there before. As you just read, both teams were in the state tournament back in 1994...well, 19 years later, they meet for the second time.

Back in '94 Chatfield traveled out to Minneota for a state quarterfinals game. The Gophers came out on top, 27-22, on a last minute touchdown pass from Shane McBroom to Jesse Seegmiller. Interestingly, the game was played on Komplein Field, named after Barb Schroeder's father. Barb was a former teacher at Chatfield Elementary, wife of the late Jon Schroeder, great Chatfield fan, and mother of Jonathan, former player on that team who was playing against his cousins. Quarterback for the Minneota team was Matt Myrvik, Barb's nephew, and now an assistant coach on the Vikings coaching staff. "Bet he's looking for some revenge after all these years."

Ken Jacobson, coach of that 1994 championship team, said "this match-up is bringing back a lot of memories for all of us here in Chatfield," he said. "Guys are going back to all their tapes of the game. Really a lot of fun re-living some of those old memories."

Another interesting note...Chatfield defeated Hawley in the semi-final game, the same team the Gophers defeated in the championship games back in 1995 and 1996.

Chatfield comes into the game with a 12-1 record, Minneota/Lincoln HI is undefeated, 13-0. Chatfield's only loss was to Caledonia, the opening game of the season, and now boasts a 12-game winning streak.

Here's what these two teams did in their semi-final wins.

Chatfield Minneota/Lincoln HI

(vs. Hawley) (vs. Maple Lake)

First downs 21 (10) 19 (21)

Rushing 64/484 (22/1) 39/287 (51/288)

6 TDs, 2 fum (2 TD's) 5 TDs, 1 fum. (1 TD, 2 fum.)

Passing 1/5, 19 (9/24, 240) 7/11, 104 (6/11, 76)

0 TDs, 0 INT (1 TD, 0 INT) 2 TDs, 0 INT (1 TD, 0 INT)

Total offense 69/503 (46/241) 50/391 (62/364)

Penalties 9/71 (4/30) 4/40 (3/15)

Kickoffs 7/57.1 8/48.0

Kickoff returns 2/-12.5 4/27.2

Punts 0 1/34.0

Punt returns 3/6.3 2/39.0

Third down conv. 7/12 (2/11) 6/8 (9/13)

Fourth down conv. 2/5 (1/3) 1/1 (0/1)

Sacks, yards 4/37 2/5

Individual highlights from the semi-final games....

Chatfield....Jacob Neis, 26 carries/233 yds, , 4 TD's, 9.0 avg.; Alex Bradt, 15 carries/155 yds., 10.3 avg., one TD; Nate Skare, seven kickoffs, five touchbacks, 57.1 avg.

Minneota/Lincoln HI...Jeff Gladis, 18 carries/171 yds, 9.5 avg., 1 TD; Nathan Pavek, 9 carries/80 yds, 8.9 avg., 2 TD's, 2 punt returns for 78 yds; Austin Buysse, 7/11 passing, 104 yds., 2 TD's; Jordan Beck, 3 receptions, 38 yds, 2 TD's; Cole Hennen, 1 kickoff return for 60 yds.