Katy Jablonski's girls are showing off their notes.

They're tuning up for a win-win.

"The Senior Showcase is a new event created to showcase our talented senior band members, and we have six senior girls performing professional sonatas or concerti," explained Jablonski, the Chatfield High School band director. She explained the concert is set for this Sunday, May 19, at the Chatfield Center for the Arts.

Each of the senior girls will play a solo that they performed in competition in late April, along with one award-winning flute and oboe duet.

"This is an opportunity for the general public to see the highest level of musicianship our school is producing," Jablonski added. "This group of senior girls in particular is incredibly talented. Their peers get to hear them on a regular basis, but the community does not, especially in solo settings like this. It gives them additional performance opportunities and gets them out into the community a bit more."

Jablonski added, "It's fun to play in a different performance venue, too. Having more publicity with the Center for the Arts brings a wider audience than if it were simply a school-advertised event."

The venue is actually the catalyst for the showcase, as the band director noted, "Tom Hilgren, a local advocate for The Chatfield Center for the Arts and also band parent, thought it a perfect idea to showcase our students who play their difficult pieces one night only at contest at our wonderful venue in town. It's a win-win for both parties as the girls showcase their efforts and the Legion Room gets more use."

Jablonski invited the public to take a seat at the showcase and enjoy the music. "We'd love to see more of the general arts-loving public there. This doesn't have to be just for parents and friends of the musicians involved. I hope they gain an appreciation of instrumental solo literature. Most people have heard a band in the group form, but not all adults have experienced classical-style solos. This is an opportunity for community education. I love that about this."

Regarding her musicians, she concluded, "I couldn't be more proud of this group of seniors. They are award-winning musically, but also such strong leaders in and out of the classroom. Truly beautiful women, inside and out."

The Chatfield High School Senior Showcase is slated for 7 p.m. this Sunday, May 19, at the Chatfield Center for the Arts' American Legion Room. Donations will be accepted, and refreshments will be available.