The 11th Annual Snow Week Superbowl of Chronology was held last week

(Jan. 21 to 25) during the ninth through 12th grade lunch periods. Four

teams from each grade (9-12) competed on Tuesday through Friday with the

champions of each grade competing in Friday for the overall Chronology

championship. Seniors Anna-liese Johnson, Mary Simpson, Bailey Hilgren, and

Kayla Woltz defeated three tough teams to win this coveted honor! The

winning team gets a Subway gift certificate, their name on the trophy which

is displayed in Hilgren's classroom, and a spot on his web page.

Chronology is a game of historical knowledge which requires students to

initially place an event before or after another event. Students accumulate

historical event cards by successfully placing events in the correct

chronological order. As student teams accumulate more cards it becomes

increasingly more difficult to put the new event in the correct

chronological order. Past Chronology champions include: 2012 - Tyler

Grover, Evan McLaughlin, Aaron Irish, and Mitch Narveson (12); 2011 -

Nathanial Chase, Kevin Bren, Jacob Pierce, and Spencer Gladis (12); 2010

- Merissa Wellman, Danielle Felstead, Autumn Mulhern and Anna-liese Johnson

(9); 2009 - Kelsie Haffner, Rachel Chase, Tyler Simpson, and Katie Niemeyer

(12); 2008 - Jon Weivoda and Clint Reiman (12); 2007 - Trevor Cyphers and

Pat Bray (12); 2006 - Trevor Cyphers and Pat Bray (11); 2005 - Jackie Baker,

Brittney Gladis and Jake Sass (11); 2004 - Jackie Baker, Brittney Gladis,

Jake Sass and Andrew Easler (10); and 2003 - Trevor Carr, Chad Nichols and

Jesse Sass (12).