Hoop it up for Trail Days!

The first annual Fountain Trail Days three-on-three basketball tournament, for everyone from 10 and under to 19 and older, is on the city park court on Saturday, June 7, as part of Fountain's annual town celebration.

According to the Trail Days schedule, there are age divisions for little dribblers, 10 and under; bigger dribblers, from 11 to 14 years old, 15 to 18 years; and for the big dribblers, 19 and older.

Teams are limited to three to five players per team, brackets and game times will be announced the day of the tournament and the tournament is co-ed and can be any combination of guys and gals.

The little dribblers and those in the 11 to 14 division will have assistance with refereeing, and anyone 15 and older can call their own fouls.

Brackets will be set day of and game times depend on number of teams participating.

Teams will assemble on Fountain's basketball court after the Milk Fun(d) Run, tentatively at 10:30 a.m. (as long as the sun shines) and players will give it their best shots at taking home the championship title and some first place dog tags. However, no matter the outcome, everyone's got a chance at having some dribbling good fun.

Organizers are Ryan Aasum and Emily Koster and they pointed out that the tournament is meant to be a fun activity and they hope to bring recognition to the Trail Days celebration and the Fountain community. "We wanted a fun activity for all age groups, especially for the younger crowd, to have fun and participate in events that Trail Days has to offer and this is a fun, active activity to get outside and compete with friends in a laid- back atmosphere."

Free registration can be done by emailing team names, members' names and ages, captain's name, phone number and email address to Ryan Aasum and Emily Koster at Fountain3on3@outlook.com.