Even though there's still snow on the ground, Rose Voigt, Fountain representative to the Trail Towns Committee, approached Fountain's city council on Feb. 5 with requests for the upcoming September Taste of the Trail event. Fountain's portion of the celebration is set for Sept. 6 this year.

She related that donations - a minimum of $200 - are being requested from each of the trail towns to help pay for advertising.

Voigt also told the council she would like to include a map of Fountain on the Root River Trail website to accompany those submitted by Harmony, Houston, Lanesboro and Whalan, and that an update to the trail's entire map might be necessary through the Trail Towns Committee. The map hadn't been redesigned in recent years. If the map is redesigned and replaced, a copy would be posted at a kiosk in each town, and a sheet of Plexi-glass placed over the new map.

A Fountain Trail Towns Committee meeting was held Monday, Feb. 10, and discussion was continued at that time.

The council was updated on several issues, including the following.

City Clerk Ronda Flattum shared that a resident had inquired about keeping chickens in town, and the council referred the inquiry to the city's no-chicken ordinance.

University of Minnesota students will be traveling to Fountain to conduct a training project at the wastewater treatment plant. The students hope to not only study the plant's operation as it poses particular problems, but may also suggest some remedies for those issues. The council agreed that the experience might be both educational and opportune for students to deal with.

Next, the Southeast Minnesota League of Municipalities (SEMLM) was unable to meet due to the weather, but a list of legislative priorities was sent to participating cities, and the council examined the list in order to submit a letter of support.

Lastly, Fountain Police Chief Tom Mosher's December police report included a dog running loose and another dog being unlicensed. He also assisted with a custody issue and helped resolve a commuter parking issue in front and around Drury's by issuing on-ride announcements to commuters riding Rochester City Lines.

Other business

The council approved liquor and tobacco licenses for the establishments in town.

AT&T presented a contract for the council and city attorney to review. The contract would allow AT&T to continue to rent space on the city's tower for cell phone transmission.