Current Mayor Donald Hainlen, at left, is seeking reelection during the general election on Tuesday. Running against him is John McBroom.
Current Mayor Donald Hainlen, at left, is seeking reelection during the general election on Tuesday. Running against him is John McBroom.
As Chatfield voters go to the polls next Tuesday, they will find two names on the ballot to choose from to elect their city's mayor. Incumbent Donald Hainlen is seeking reelection against newcomer John McBroom.

Hainlen has been the mayor for two years. He is a retired school administrator and he and his wife have two adult children, Peter and Erin.

McBroom is a union carpenter and he and his wife, Marlys, have three children, Rachel, Justin and Hannah.

The two candidates responded to a questionnaire sent out by the Chatfield News and their responses are printed below.

What has motivated you to file for this office? If you are an incumbent please note how many years you have served and why you wish to continue.

Hainlen: I believe that Chatfield is an exceptional community with great opportunities for our community members, visitors and those who may consider relocating here. We have a strong community with an excellent school system, our business community is growing and we are seeing an increased interest in businesses moving to town plus the expansion of our existing businesses. I think that strong leadership that is collaborative at all levels is important for our continued growth. I have enjoyed my first term of two years and look forward to continuing those efforts to grow and improve Chatfield.

McBroom: The reason I am running is to give back to the town I've always called home. Also, to try and keep Chatfield growing and prospering.

Name one characteristic you have that has enabled or would enable you to be a valuable member of this office?

Hainlen: I believe my 30 years of school administrative experience have provided me with experiences and skills that are consistent with the mayor's position. A school district is actually a microcosm of a city. There are a wide range of services that are important for a school to function in the same way there are a wide range of services essential for a city to function. There are budgets, personnel, laws and ordinances and most importantly the citizens of the community. I have found that my past experiences have provided a valuable perspective for the mayor's position.

McBroom: I'm open and honest and I work well with others.

In these difficult economic times, how would you prioritize the needs for the city?

Hainlen: The city must function with a balanced budget meaning we need to spend less than we receive in revenue. However, within the scope of those expenditures we must maintain our public safety with police and fire services as well as maintain the infrastructure including water, sewer and roads. It is expensive to address all of the pending needs in any community but it is necessary for the city leadership to be prudent in their plans and expenditures.

McBroom: The essential needs of townspeople are vital. Other wants would be put aside until it is feasible to spend money.

Is there an upcoming issue that you feel needs to be addressed by the city?

Hainlen: I believe we need to put a short-range and long-range plan in place to address the city's infrastructure. Specifically, sewer, water and roads. On the economic side, we need to continue to work to attract new business to town and support our existing businesses. By attracting new businesses, we will also attract new residents. Everything is inter-dependent.

McBroom: Sewer improvements and water pressure to the north side of town. These two things are vitally important to everyone.