Chatfield Community Education will be hosting two events in the coming weeks to help "baby boomers" and other members of the community to build the history of the community and then to look forward with a workshop to help seniors and others to become more familiar with use of an iPad.

The first event, The Boomer Summit, is set for Saturday, Feb. 8, at the Chatfield Public Library. Community Education director LuAnn Klevan explained it is a chance for self-defined baby boomers to come together to discuss enrichment opportunities they would like to access right here in Chatfield.

"We will visit about possibilities and what it takes to make possibilities reality," Klevan said. "The summit will be a guided conversation during which we will be brainstorming, identifying resources, and creating a wish list of sorts."

Klevan explained that Community Education would like to have local baby boomers, or those born mid-century, to convene at the library for a chat. "Community Education is in the process of trying to build our adult enrichment program," she said. "The baby boomers are a very large segment of the population, but we have not tapped into their needs. They have a vast amount of knowledge regarding the history of the community and of resources within the community. Involving them in the rebuilding process will hopefully be a win-win situation for all."

Participants are asked to bring their "ideas and hopes for more opportunities within the community" to share over a light breakfast of muffins, fruit, juice, coffee and tea.

"The summit is about creating conversation. I will present some minimal information to get the process started," Klevan said. "It will be the beginning step in creating new experiences for residents of the Chatfield area...this is their chance to be heard. Community Education wants to build a program that meets the needs of the community. To do so, we need residents to share their needs and wishes with us."

Klevan also said the conversation will give educators an idea of what barriers exist, but more importantly, what steps can be taken to remove those barriers and build a strong program.

"We will also visit about the best way to promote the program. Where do our local boomers go for information? Do they go to newspapers, the Internet, CCTV?"

Klevan is confidant that the interactive nature of the summit will be enjoyed by the participants. "They will hopefully gain awareness and a sense of pride in being part of the process. All participants will be on a mailing list to receive information on our progress and information on upcoming opportunities," Klevan also stated. "The summit is not necessarily unique, as there are other communities who have offered a boomer summit. However, it is new to this community, and I hope what will make it unique will be the participation. I hope we have a great turnout."

The first-ever Chatfield Community Education Boomer Summit is slated for Saturday, Feb. 8, from 9 to 11 a.m. in the lower level of the Chatfield Public Library, located on Main Street. Klevan requested RSVPs by Thursday, Feb. 6, to assist in planning the event - she asked that interested persons contact her at (507) 867-4210, ext. 5022, or by e-mail at

Two days later, Community Education is welcoming baby boomers and members of other generations to join Chatfield Public Schools' tech integrationist, Kristy Cook, in learning "iPad Tips and Tricks for Beginners" at the Chatfield Elementary School library.

Klevan invited, "If you have a new iPad or iPhone, you might like to join Kristy for an overview of how to get started, and for other tips and tricks to make sure you can utilize and enjoy your iPad to the fullest. iPads have grown in popularity, but adults are often reluctant to dive in and try things, as we often fear we will mess things up."

This class will be focusing on tips and tricks for beginners and will show iPad users ways they can use their iPads. Klevan said this will be a hands-on class, because experiential learning is the best way to learn about technology.

"One of Kristy's responsibilities (in the school district) is to help teachers use technology in their classrooms. She has been a teacher and is very knowledgeable about technology," she added.

Klevan reiterated, "This is truly a class for beginners. There is no need to feel that you don't know enough to attend. If you have an iPad, you know there are more things you can do with it and apps you can access, but if you just don't know how, this class is for you. You'll be more confident in exploring the possibilities at your fingertips."

The Chatfield Community Education iPad exploration class, led by Cook, is coming up on Monday, Feb. 10, at the Chatfield Elementary School library from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Registration is $10 per person and due at the Chatfield Community Education office by Feb. 6.

Cook and Klevan requested that participants have their devices upgraded to the most recent software. For more information, contact LuAnn Klevan, or Kristy Cook at