Yennie Martial Arts in Chatfield is doing what they can in the fight

against cancer. For the second year, the students at Yennie Martial Arts

are doing a fundraiser to donate money to the Eagles Cancer Telethon and

The Booker & Mini Foundation who helps give money directly to the families

in need. Kickin' for Cancer is an annual event where over 100 students from

the Yennie Martial Arts schools raise money from local businesses and

sponsors to do kicks/dollar amount raised. The money is then split between

the two charitable causes.

The event will be held on Saturday, Dec. 1, at 2 p.m. at the Chatfield

location. The students that helped raised money will participate in the

kick-a-thon. Last year, they did 4,000 kicks. They were able to donate

$2,000 to each of their causes. This year we hope to raise even more.

After the kick-a-thon, the student who raised the most amount of money

received a grand prize. Then the students' hard work will be treated with a

pizza party and movie night.

Shawn Yennie is a 2nd degree (Ee Dan) certified World Tang Soo Do

Association Black Belt instructor and owner of Spring Valley and Chatfield

locations. "We are very excited to be able to help out with the fight

against cancer. Cancer has affected all of our lives in some way, shape or

form. Many of us have personally battled cancer or watched a loved one. I

think that it is important to teach good morals and helping each other out

is definitely a big one. We not only want to teach martial arts but also

that being a good martial artist is to be a good person," says Yennie.

Yennie Martial Arts would also like to extend a huge "thank you" to

those who have helped out with Kickin' for Cancer. Thank you to those of

you who have sponsored individually or as a business. Thank you to the

parents who have helped your children to go out and collect sponsors. And

thank you to our community who has shown your support. Also thank

you to our students who have worked so hard. We are very fortunate to live

in communities like these that care. Hopefully this is something that we

can continue to do every year. We hope to help to build a stronger community

and integrity and awareness in our youth.