Two players (Jayme LaPlante, Christian Bance) scored 14 points, and

three (Nate Skare, Mitch Irish, Brandon Adler) scored eight each as the

Chatfield Gophers picked up a Three Rivers Conference win over St. Charles,

68-63. "It was close the whole way," said Coach Tom Bance, "and a very good

game." It came right down to the last second when Chatfield hit a pair of

free throws to give them a five point lead. St. Charles had stolen the ball

and got a three-pointer off for the tie, but missed and fouled Chatfield.

Mitch Irish had a monstrous night on the 'boards', pulling down 14. He

also had two steals. Jake Neis scored five points and dished out six

assists. Bance, in addition to his 14 points, had four assists and two

steals. LaPlante was a 'cool' 4/4 at the line.

Individual scoring vs St. Charles: Jayme LaPlante 5-4/4-14, Reid

Danielson 1-0-2, Drew Hurley 2-0/2-4, Luke Isensee 2-0-5, Christian Bance

4-3/4-14, Nate Skare 2-2/3-8, Jake Neis 1-2/4-5, Mitch Irish 3-2/4-8,

Brandon Adler 3-2/2-8, team 23-15/23-68. Three's, 7; Isensee, Bance (3),

Skare (2), Neis.

Chatfield led for the entire game, until the last 45 seconds against

Watertown-Mayer. "I thought we were the better team," said Coach Tom Bance,

"but we missed four free throws in the last minute, or so."

Nate Skare, Christian Bance and Jayme LaPlante each had 12 points for

Chatfield, in the 49-47, overtime, loss. These three also led the team with

6, 6, and 7 rebounds, respectively. Skare had a team high four assists.

Mitch Irish had three 'dishes'.

Individual scoring vs Watertown-Mayer: LaPlante 5-2/2-12, Danielson

0-0/4-0, Hurley 0-4/4-4, Isensee 1-0-2, Bance 4-1/2-12, Skare 3-4/6-12,

Irish 0-1/2-1, Adler 2-0-4, team 15-12/20. Three's, 5; Bance (3), Skare


In the third place game at Annandale, Chatfield lost to

Zumbrota-Mazeppa, 65-53. At one time in the second half, Chatfield trailed

by 26 points.

Jayme LaPlante recorded a double-double against the Cougars, 11

points/11 rebounds. Luke Isensee topped the scoring with 16, including four

of nine from beyond the arc. Nate Skare had 10 points and six rebounds.

Christian Bance and Reid Danielson each had four assists in the losing


Individual scoring vs Zumbrota-Mazeppa: LaPlante 4-3/6-11, Danielson

1-0-3, Isensee 5-2/2-16, Bance 3-0-7, Skare 4-0/2-10, Irish 2-0-4, Adler

1-0-2, team 20-5/10-53. Three's, 8: Danielson, Isensee (4), Bance, Skare


This past Monday Chatfield played host to Zumbrota-Mazeppa, their

opponent in the third place game at Annandale. It will be interesting to

see how they do in the repeat match-up! Chatfield will host Lewiston-Altura

Thursday night and then travel to Rochester Lourdes on Friday.