The Chatfield Gophers wrestling team improved to 17-1 for the season with a pair of wins against Three Rivers Conference teams this past week. Tuesday the team got a 70-3 win over Wabasha-Kellogg and Friday the team downed Caledonia 49-18.

On Saturday the Gophers traveled to Lake City and won the individual tournament with 241.5 points. Plainview-Elgin-Millville was second with 148 points. Getting championships at Lake City were Treyc VanSickle (106), Jared Goldsmith (113), Hank Friederichs (138), AJ Riley (145), Harvey Friederichs (152), and Cody Bly (170). Jake Mandt (126), Dalton Lundy (182) and Jacob Bleess (220) took second. Getting the bronze medals were Ty VanSickle (120) and Ryan Meeker (132). Sixth place finishes went to Ethan Wright (160) and Logan Karver (285).

Following are the results from the Caledonia and Wabasha-Kellogg dual meets.


106 K. Cavanaugh (Cal.) Dec 1-6 Treyc Vansickle (Chatfi)

113 Jared Goldsmith (Chatfi) Pin 5:03 J. Stemper (Cal.)

120 Ty Vansickle (Chatfi) Dec 4-2 J. Winjum (Cal.)

126 H. Hauser/Caldw (Cal.) Dec 5-8 Jake Mandt (Chatfi)

132 D. Lee (Cal.) Dec 4-8 Ryan Meeker (Chatfi)

138 Hank Friederichs (Chatfi) Md 11-1 D. Stemper (Cal.)

145 A.J. Riley (Chatfi) Pin 2:50 S. Stemper (Cal.)

152 Harvey Friederichs (Chatfi) Pin 1:27 B. Knutson (Cal.)

160 M. Schmitz (Cal.) Dec 2-3 Ethan Wright (Chatfi)

170 Austin Dahl (Chatfi) For Forf. Forfeit (Cal.)

182 Cody Bly (Chatfi) Pin 5:45 E. Craig (Cal.)

195 Dalton Lundy (Chatfi) For Forf. Forfeit (Cal.)

220 Jacob Bleess (Chatfi) For Forf. Forfeit (Cal.)

285 B. Mauss (Cal.) Pin 2:49 Logan Karver (Chat)

Final Score.....Chatfield 49.00; Caledonia 18.00.


106 Treyc Vansickle (Chatfi) Pin :25 J. Hewitt (W-K)

113 Jared Goldsmith (Chatfi) For Forf. Forfeit (W-K)

120 Ty Vansickle (Chatfi) For Forf. Forfeit (W-K)

126 Jake Mandt (Chatfi) Pin :31 B. Schmalzriedt (W-K)

132 Ryan Meeker (Chatfi) For Forf. Forfeit (W-K)

138 Hank Friederichs (Chatfi) For Forf. Forfeit (W-K)

145 A.J. Riley (Chatfi) Md 11-3 R. Lager (W-K)

152 Harvey Friederichs (Chatfi) For Forf. Forfeit (W-K)

160 Ethan Wright (Chatfi) Dec 9-4 B. Miller (W-K)

170 Cody Bly (Chatfi) Pin :40 P. Novak (W-K)

182 Austin Dahl (Chatfi) Pin 1:14 D. Miller (W-K)

195 Dalton Lundy (Chatfi) For Forf. Forfeit (W-K)

220 Jacob Bleess (Chatfi) Dec 5-3 E. Norgrant (W-K)

285 M. Shively (W-K) Dec 0-2 Logan Karver (Chatfi)

Final Score... Chatfield High School 70; Wabasha Kellogg 3.

Friday night the Gophers travel to Zumbrota-Mazeppa for a double-dual with Z-M and Lewiston-Altura/Rushford-Peterson. Saturday the team is at the Janesville-Waldorf-Pemberton/Waterville-Elysian-Morristown Tournament. Team and individual tournaments are coming in two and three weeks.