Nine wrestlers from Chatfield went undefeated in the Farmington Koda Classic Tournament Saturday at Farmington.

The Gophers wrestled four teams, taking decisive victories in each match. They beat Bloomington Kennedy 59-6, Lake City 63-6, Milaca 52-15 and Lakeville North 47-21.

Maleek Hussein, Jared Goldsmith, Ty VanSickle, Ryan Meeker, Hank Friederichs, AJ Riley, Harvey Friederichs, Cody Bly and Jacob Blees all had perfect records at the tourney.

Bloomington Kennedy: 106 Maleek Hussein (C) Forfeit; 113 Jared Goldsmith (C) Dec 5-1 B. Hill (B-K); 120 Ty Vansickle (C) Dec 7-2 J. Leicht (B-K);126 Jake Mandt (C) Dec 8-2 J. Marens (B-K); 132 Ryan Meeker (C) Dec 4-0 J. Judge (B-K); 138 Hank Friederichs (C) Pin 1:23 J. Perez (B-K); 145 A.J. Riley (C) Tf 16-1 H. Judge (B-K);152 Harvey Friederichs (C) Pin 3:47 L. Judge (B-K); 160 D. Bruce (B-K) Dec 11-16 Alex Haffner (C); 170 Cody Bly (C) Pin 3:52 B. Morris (B-K); 182 L. Coutier (B-K) Dec 6-7 Austin Dahl (C); 195 Alex Coe (C) Forfeit; 220 Jacob Bleess (C) Pin 3:07 N. Juberian (B-K); 285 Logan Karver (C) Pin 1:29 M. Trumm (B-K).

Lake City: 106 Maleek Hussein (C) Dec 4-0 J. Keller (L-C); 113 Jared Goldsmith (C) Pin 1:53 B. Allen (L-C); 120 Ty Vansickle (C) Dec 7-1 K. Mcginley (L-C); 126 Jake Mandt (C) Pin 2:35 C. Kozlowski (L-C); 132 Ryan Meeker (C) Pin :40 S. Bailey (L-C); 138 Hank Friederichs (C) Dec 3-1 A. Schmidt (L-C); 145 A.J. Riley (C) Forfeit; 152 Harvey Friederichs (C) Pin :25 R. Hanson (L-C); 160 Alex Haffner (C) Pin 5:07 C. Atkinson (L-C); 170 Cody Bly (C) Pin :31 D. Bremer (L-C); 182 Austin Dahl (C) Dec 2-0 P. Tazin (L-C); 195 M. Noll (L-C) Pin :51 Alex Coe (C); 220 Jacob Bleess (C) Pin :15 B. Marking (L-C); 285 Logan Karver (C) Dec 7-6 A. Denzer (L-C).

Milaca: 106 Maleek Hussein (C) Pin 4:47 J. Hall (Milaca); 113 Jared Goldsmith (C) Pin 1:12 L. Majerus (Milaca); 120 Ty Vansickle (C) Pin 3:07 R. Hoffman (Milaca); 126 Jake Mandt (C) Dec 4-3 H. Noor (Milaca); 132 Ryan Meeker (C) Forfeit; 138 Hank Friederichs (C) Dec 12-6 D. Kuchenbaker (Milaca); 145 A.J. Riley (C) Pin 1:46 J. Gutlovies (Milaca); 152 Harvey Friederichs (C) Dec 9-3 J. Barsody (Milaca); 160 Alex Haffner (C) Dec 8-2 A. Moscho (Milaca); 170 J. Otton (Milaca) Dec 0-5 Austin Dahl (C); 182 Cody Bly (C) Md 12-4 J. Erickson (Milaca); 195 A. Weidner (Milaca) Pin 1:03 Alex Coe (C); 220 Jacob Bleess (C) Pin 5:44 C. Sailor (Milaca); 285 B. Merten (Milaca) Pin 3:27 Logan Karver (C).

Lakeville: 106 Maleek Hussein (C) Forfeit; 113 Jared Goldsmith (C) Dec 9-5 W. Sullivan (L-N); 120 Ty Vansickle (C) Pin 1:27 J. Forar (L-N); 126 C. Degrammont (L-N) Dec 6-8 Jake Mandt (C); 132 Ryan Meeker (C) Pin 2:48 S. Anderson (L-N); 138 Hank Friederichs (C) Md 19-6 R. Padilla (L-N); 145 A.J. Riley (C) Pin 2:42 A. Scarsella (L-N); 152 Harvey Friederichs (C) Dec 9-7 C. Pasvogel (L-N); 160 L. Westrich (L-N) Pin :43 Ethan Wright (C); 170 J. Dunnell (L-N) Pin 1:50 Alex Haffner (C); 182 Cody Bly (C) Dec 7-0 J. Dunnell (L-N); 195 T. Hanson (L-N) Pin 1:10 Alex Coe (C); 220 Jacob Bleess (C) Md 13-4 I. Austad (L-N); 285 Logan Karver (C) Forfeit.

The Gophers take on Fillmore Central/Lanesboro/Mabel-Canton at home on Thursday and then travel to Dover-Eyota for a triangular meet with Dover-Eyota and Plainview-Elgin-Millville on Tuesday.