Jordyn Dudek
Jordyn Dudek
Jordyn Dudek is a 2010 graduate of Chatfield High School, and was a three-sport athlete for the Gophers. In high school she competed in volleyball, basketball and track, and academically, graduated with honors from CHS. She is the daughter of Terri and Dave Dudek and has one younger sister, Kileigh.
Following high school, Jordyn decided to attend Luther College in Decorah. While at Luther, she participated in two sports, volleyball and track. Competing in one sport for college athletes is tough enough; Jordyn extended herself a bit more with two college sports.
She graduated this past spring and we thought you’d like to know how college went for this personable young adult….and by the way, she’s 22 years old now.
WEB: Why did you choose Luther?
Jordyn: After graduating high school I chose to go on to Luther College. I chose to go there because they have great science programs, specifically biology, which I majored in. I also went to play Division III volleyball and run track. Along with being drawn to the smaller liberal arts school, I also really fell in love with the community and town of Decorah. I love being outdoors so having the Upper Iowa River and biking/walking trails close by is a major reason why I love to live here.
WEB: What activities were you involved in, while in college, athletics included. How long for each...any special honors, awards, local, conference, etc?
Jordyn: In college I participated in volleyball and track all four years, taking on the role of team captain for both. I earned IIAC academic honors in both volleyball and track. I also earned IIAC all-conference in the distance medley relay during the 2012 indoor track season.
I was also a member of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) for three years, which is a group comprised of leaders from each sports team that tackle athletic related issues and participate in volunteer activities.
I also participated for two years in the Student Activities Council (SAC) Concert Committee for two years, which helps to set up and hold concerts by big name artists here at Luther. I graduated with cum laude honors (above 3.5 GPA) from Luther College this spring.
WEB: In the transition from high school to college...which was harder, athletics or academics?
Jordyn: I think that for me the academic transition was a little harder. I felt that there was more of a jump with academics. Even though not as much time was spent in the classroom, more time was needed for labs, homework, and studying outside of the classroom on my own. More advanced information called for way more attention and dedication than I had needed to put forth during high school. The athletics was of course faster pace and hard work, but I felt that it came more natural to me because I loved the sports and higher level competition that came along with it.
WEB: Got any favorite memories from your sports competition? I understand you got to run in the Drake Relays. That must have been exciting?
Jordyn: My favorite memory from track and field was probably the Drake Relays. The atmosphere there is somewhat comparable to the state high school meets except for bigger!! Athletes from all college divisions and even professional athletes are there to compete! The competition is great (I competed in the distance medley relay my sophomore year and the 4x200 and 4x400 my junior year), but also watching all the phenomenal athletes is really awesome in itself.
My favorite memory in volleyball was probably this last year in the IIAC conference tournament. We were up against the No. 1 team Wartburg College for a spot in the championship game. Everyone thought we had no chance of winning. We were definitely the underdogs. We played the match of our lives...probably the most tough fought and best played game of my career at Luther. We took them to five games...ended up losing in a close fifth game, but I have never been more proud of how my team played that night! It may have been my last game, but it was one that really made me realize how important, how much I love, and how proud I am to be a part of the Luther College volleyball team. I will never forget it! And I hope that I will have more memories like that this next year as I return to be the assistant coach for the team!
WEB: Who has inspired you along the way....mentors, etc...could be someone you know, or someone you've looked up to?
Jordyn: The two people who have inspired me the most along the way have of course been my parents. My mother I've looked up to academically and my father athletically. I'm lucky to have had them with me every step of the way. I would not be where I am today without all their love and support.
WEB: What are you doing right now and what are your future plans? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Jordyn: Right now I am living in Decorah and nannying for a family with three boys for the summer. Starting mid-August I will be taking over the assistant volleyball coaching position at Luther for this next school year. I have also applied for dental school starting fall of 2015. Hopefully I will hear back for interviews sometime soon.
In 10 years I could see myself graduated from dental school and having a job working with a doctorate in dental surgery degree. I would love to be located back here in Decorah. My boyfriend and his family own a farm just outside of town. He also graduated from Luther this spring with a degree in environmental studies. He is planning on helping to run the farm, so he will stay in the area. I would love to be working here and possibly be married and starting a family in 10 years.
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