Abigail Paul and Haley Wolz of the Gophers navigate the course at Kingsland.
Abigail Paul and Haley Wolz of the Gophers navigate the course at Kingsland.
The girls team has been struggling a bit with illness and injury, but hopefully we'll be able to work through that and get healthy for the end of the season", added Frye.

"I thought both teams ran well at 'Griak', stated Coach Frye. It was a huge meet. We accomplished our goal, said the coach, which was to get the kids exposed to a very big meet so they've had that experience when they get to the championship part of the season."

Here are the results from both meets...Kingsland and the Roy Griak Invitational at the University of Minnesota...

Boys(overall finish)

Kingsland Griak

Christian Bance 17:09.1(2nd) 17:53(60th)

Justin Friedrich 18:01.2(4th) 19:02(218th)

Keagan Clarke 18:02.1(6th) 19:04(226th)

Nick Maki 19:08.9(22nd) 20:09(383rd)

Anthony Voigt 19:43.7(29th) 21:44(486th)

Kevin Bradt 20:48.1(42nd)

Alex Lien 21:09.5(48th) 22:25(506th)

Tim Hawkins 21:32.4(10th JV) 22:24(504th)

Bennett Gathje 22:47.4(17th JV)

Kadin Hill 30:15.5)(30th JV)

Girls Kingsland Griak(5000m?)

Karen Gomez 16:30.6(6th) 21:13(59th)

Hannah Friedrich 18:53.9(35th) 24:06(340th)

Haley Woltz 19:56.7(49th) 25:27(400th)

Abigail Paul 20:09.8(50th)

Gracie Grant 20:45.3(55th) 26:36(424th)

Elizabeth Walsh 21:09.4(60th) 27:51(435th)

Madison Larrabee 24:44(371st)

Also running in the Kingsland junior high meet were Payton Guenther(11:08.6, 16th) and Josh Walsh(31st, 12:41).

Tuesday night Chatfield hosts their own invitational at the Golf Course.