Justin Viss breaks through the crowd and goes for a Chatfield touchdown.
Justin Viss breaks through the crowd and goes for a Chatfield touchdown.
Thursday night the Chatfield volleyball team takes on Caledonia for the

Subsection 1AA East Championship and Friday the same two schools meet for

the 1AA Football Championship. Last Saturday the Gophers beat

Lewiston-Altura, 29-12, and the Warriors beat Triton, 55-0, moving both

teams in the 'gold medal' game.

Chatfield got its 'shot' against L-A by beating Dover-Eyota, 41-13.

Caledonia received a 'bye' the first round and did not have a game.

In the win over Lewiston-Altura, it 'seemed' much closer than the stats

would indicate. Chatfield dominated in first downs, 15 to 4, total yards,

504 yards to 177 yards and number of plays, 64 to 39. But there just seemed

to much more tension in the air, just due to the magnitude of the importance

of the game in playoff perspective.

Justin Viss seemed to return to 'normalcy' on the field, rushing 21

times for 156 yards. Equal to the task was running back Jake Neis. Neis

also had a 100-yard game, carrying the ball 20 times for 166 yards.

An area of concern for Chatfield might be in the penalty department.

The Gophers had eight penalties for 70 yards. Not something they will be

able to afford against Caledonia in the Championship game Friday night.

Scoring by quarters against L-A...

Chatfield 12-10-0-7 = 29

Lewiston-Altura 0-0-6-6 = 12

Team stats vs L-A

L-A Chatfield

First downs 4 15

Rushing 25 c, 99 yds 58 c, 359 yds

Passing 5/14, 78 yds 3/6, 145 yds

1 TD, 1 INT 1 TD, 1 INT


offense39 plays, 177 yds 64 plays, 504 yds

Penalties 3/20 8/70

Turnovers 2 2

Individual stats vs LA...Passing Nate Skare, 3/6, 145 yds, 1 TD, 1 INT.

Receiving; Jayme LaPlante, 1/73 yds, 1 TD; Drew Hurley, 2/72 yds. Rushing;

Jake Neis, 20/166 yds, 1 TD; Justin Viss, 21/156 yds, 1 TD; Jayme LaPlante,

2/2 yds, 1 TD; Alex Haffner, 10/48 yds; Nate Skare 5/-13 yds. Special

teams; Sawyer Prinsen (KO, 6/43.2), Jake Neis (KO returns, 2/15.0), Ben

Pierce (1/0).

In the quarter final win over Dover-Eyota, 41-13, the Gophers didn't

dominate all of the statistical categories. In first downs, it was

Chatfield 13, DE 14. Passing yards was in favor of the Eagles, 181 yards to

55 yds. And total yards only favored Chatfield 404 to 316. Penalties were a

problem for the Gophers, committing 10 'boo-boos' for 80 yards, while

Dover-Eyota only had two miscues for a total of 15 yards.

Penalties against the Gophers is definitely something they need to

'clean-up' against Caledonia in the 'tilt' for #1.

Big plays proved to be very important to Chatfield in the win, including

a 33 yd TD run for Jake Neis, a 50 yard TD run by Neis, an interception for

a touchdown by Neis and a 35 yard touchdown pass from Nate Skare to Reid


Scoring by quarters against D-E....

Dover-Eyota 6-0-0-7 = 13

Chatfield 14-21-6-0 = 41

Team stats vs the Eagles...

DE Chat.

First downs 14 13

Rushing 34 p, 135 yds 39 c, 349 yds

Passing 9/16, 181 yds 3/5, 55 yds

2 TD's, 1 INT 1 TD, 0 INT


offense 50 p, 316 yds 44 p, 404 yds

Penalties 2/15yds 10/80 yds

Turnovers 3 1

Individual stats against D-E...Passing; Nate Skare, 3/5, 55 yds, 1 TD.

Receiving; Ethan Wright, 1/8 yds; Reid Danielson, 2/47 yds, 1 TD. Rushing;

Jake Neis, 15/184 yds, 3 TD's; Wright, 7/89, 1 TD; Alex Haffner, 6/25; Skare

4/21; LaPlante 1/2; Alex Bradt 4/9; Drew Hurley 1/15; Riley Ahern 1/4.

Special team; Skare(punting, 1/54.0), Neis(punt return, 1/17), Prinsen (KO,

7/56.3); Dalton Schwier (KO return, 1/14), Carter Duxbury (KO return, 1/1)

and Tyler Wondrow (KO return, 1/0).

Friday night the Gopher football team will travel to Caledonia to take

on the Warriors for the Section 1AA Championship. Chatfield lost to

Caledonia, 6-0, during the regular season.