The Chatfield volleyball team and its team members posted some very good

'numbers' for this past volleyball season. Here are those numbers, for the

team and for the individuals.

TEAM stats:

Serving; first; 94.88%...ace serving, first in total (250), fifth in %,

11.97% (best was 12.66%, StC).

Serve receive: first, 91.85%.

Kills; fifth, 9.552/set. Best was 12.729/set (WK).

Hitting efficiency: eighth, .1337. Caledonia hit .2907.

Set Assists: sixth, 8.156/set. W-K was tops with 11.459.

Ace blocks; first, 201 total, 2.094/set (also first).

Digs: fifth, 16.615/set. St. Charles had 19.602/set.


Serving: Kileigh Dudek topped the list with an average of 98.01%,

congratulations! Kirsten Keefe, fifth (95.97%); Maddie Talamantes was

ninth, 95.61%. Also making the 'top 25 list' were Sheridan Salisbury (14th,

94.41%), and Gabrielle Salisbury (17th, 93.22%). Alex Duxbury was at


Ace serves: Alex was third with 63 total and third with 19.03%. Kileigh

Dudek made the top 10 with a total of 55. Also in the top 25, total, were

Kirsten Keefe(41,tied for 13th) and Sheridan Salisbury(tied for 16th, 38).

Amy Todd(RP) was first with a total of 81 and 22.82%.

Serve receive: Kirsten Keefe was second on the list, 95.39%, Alex

Duxbury was fourth at 94.59% and Maddie Talamantes was eighth at 89.84%.

Taylor Case led the players at 97.18%.

Kills: Maddy Kammer had a total of 238 kills this past season, good for

sixth place among the TRC players. Her average of 2.479/set was good for

ninth. Brook Irish's total of 152 was 18th. In the 'over 100' category,

MaKenzie Miller (112) and Kirsten Keefe (109) were mentioned. Topping the

list with 501 kills was Amy Todd, Rushford-Peterson (5.505/set, also #1.)

She also led all players with 1,145 attacks. Maddy Kammer was sixth on the

total attack list with 701.

Hitting efficiency: as a team, this was Chatfield's lowest 'score'.

Individually, the Gophers were led by Kirsten Keefe (.1845, 21st).

MaKenzie Miller was 25th, .1726 and Haley Kohlmeyer was Chatfield's third

in efficiency, .1661. Emma Lange (.3663) and Maria Fruechte (.3652),

Caledonia, topped the hitting list.

Set assists: Chatfield employs a 5-2 (two-setter offense) so no one is

going to be at the top of the list. But Kileigh Dudek was seventh at 3.635

assists/set, and Gabrielle Salisbury was ninth at 3.500/set. W-K's Kalyn

Biever had 10.976 assists/set and Caledonia's Taylor Winjum was at


Ace blocks: Brook Irish was fifth in total (53 _) and tenth in average,

.563/set. MaKenzie Miller had 48 _ , total, good for seventh and was fifth

in average, .591/set. Maria Fruechte, Caledonia, was the leader in total,

73, and average, .760/set.

Digs; Alex Duxbury was third in total, 436, with Kirsten Keefe coming in at

sixth with 351. Kendra Crawford, R-P, had 479. Maddie Talamantes made the

'200' list with 203.