This past weekend the Chatfield wrestling team traveled to Park High

School, Cottage Grove, and came away with a perfect 4-0 record; Goodhue

(35-31), Stillwater (66-11), Kimball (42-37) and Park High (72-12). Coming

into the tournament, Kimball was the #12 ranked team in Class A. Chatfield

was listed in the 'lean and mean'(honorable mention) category.

In addition to the team, seven wrestlers for Chatfield finished the Park

Tournament with 4-0 records; Jared Goldsmith (106), Hank Friederichs (120),

A.J. Riley (132), Harvey Friederichs(145), Alex Haffner (160/152), Cody Bly

(170) and Jacob Bleess (195). Ryan Meeker (138/145) went 3-1 in the

tournament. Here are the other wrestlers, and their records in the

'Wolfpack' Tournament; Ty Van Sickel (113, 2-2), Tye Bentz (126, 1-3), Ethan

Wright (152, 1-2), Sam Fryer (182, 0-2), Justin Viss (220/285, 2-2), Jayton

Nisbit (1-0) and Monte Flores (0-1).

On Dec. 1, the wrestlers traveled to New Prague for a tournament...the

team got wins over Sibley East (35-31), St. Peter (43-25), Waseca (72-12)

and Cannon Falls (42-29). The team lost in the second round to New Prague

(31-32). Going 5-0 in the New Prague Tournament were Hank Friederichs,

Harvey Friederichs and Alex Haffner. Jared Goldsmith, A.J. Riley and Cody

Bly lost just one match, going 4-1. Going 3-2 were Ty Van Sickel and Tye

Bentz. Other wrestlers in the tournament and their records; Ryan Meeker

(2-3), Jacob Bleess (2-3), Justin Viss (2-2), Monte Flores (1-2) and Jayton

Nisbit (1-2). Flores and Nisbit picked up their first varsity wins.

We've also got results on the LARP dual meet. The Gopher 'Grapplers'

won the TRC match, 51-24. Getting wins against LARP were Jared Goldsmith

(pin, 4:38), Hank Friederichs (pin, 1:09), Tye Bentz (pin, 5:04), Harvey

Friederichs (forfeit), Ryan Meeker (MD, 11-3), Alex Haffner (MD, 14-5), Cody

Bly (5-0), Jacob Bleess (pin, 1:35) and Justin Viss (MD, 10-1). Losing

their matches were Ty Van Sickel (1:19), Ethan Wright (1:07), Sam Fryer

(1:12) and Monte Flores (:24).

The Gophers travel to Fillmore Central this Thursday and Saturday,

Thursday for a double-dual with FCLMC and St. Charles, and Saturday for the

annual FCLMC Holiday Tournament.