Deb Jorgenson is feeling "Chatty" about the Relay for Life, so here's her news.

"This is the first year the Chatty Walkers have been in the Relay for Life. You can join up until the night of the walk. We're fun people having a good time for a good cause," said Chatfield resident Jorgenson.

She invited more members of the community to join her 17-person walking team in the effort to raise funds and awareness for cancer research through the Fillmore County Relay for Life, slated for July 11 in Harmony.

Jorgenson, whose father and several other relatives have passed away due to cancer, had attempted to start a Relay team of her own several years ago, but wasn't able to round up enough people at that point in time.

So, she and a friend participated in the 2013 Relay with the Preston Catholic Walkers, hoping with every step to be able to motivate Chatfield's residents to lace up their walking shoes and hit the Relay track.

"It was touching to see the community come together...hard to explain, except that seeing the luminaries and Balloons to Heaven was a rewarding experience," Jorgenson said. "I feel bad for people who have to suffer with cancer and this was a way of doing something. This year, I decided to get a team together and I was talking with Wendy and Mike Kirchner about it, and we decided we could be the co-captains. We'll be in charge of the Relay next year when it's in Chatfield."

Jorgenson anticipates being on the Chatfield Relay track next year in City Park.

"It would be really neat to have the whole community come together in City Park. It's an exciting time for the town and after this walk, we'll be thinking about volunteers for next year, have a meeting to inform people of what's expected of us," she said. "We have some of the work done already with the city, the fire department, the Chatfield Center for the Arts and St. Marys Catholic Church."

For now, they're busy preparing for the 2014 Relay for Life, rounding up their fundraisers - including a traveling toilet that's landed on several area lawns, donations from collection buckets set out at Shari's Sports Saloon and paper feet posted on the wall of JAC's Bar and Grille signifying donations made there toward the Chatty Walkers' mission.

"There'll be a camper for kids and families to use (at the Relay in Harmony) and with the walking and the activities, it should be a nice evening for families and their friends to be out together," Jorgenson added.

She reminded attendees and participants they can purchase luminaries to honor current cancer patients or remember their loved ones who have passed away after fighting cancer. "Anyone who wants to buy a luminary can go to the Relay for Life website and they can get one for $10 or three for $25. We hope people join us to see them lit at dusk." The website is One can search for the Chatty Walkers team under the search bar.

For more information on the Chatty Walkers Relay for Life team, contact Deb Jorgenson at (507) 951-8951 or Wendy Kirchner at (507) 951-3589.