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Wednesday, July 20, 2016 10:15 AM
The ballpark can be a type of sanctuary, a venue insulated from the surrounding world to showcase the talents of baseball players in a tradition that is, as the saying goes, as American as apple pie. 
  • Torii Hunter provides  insight on baseball — and life
    The ballpark can be a type of sanctuary, a venue insulated from the surrounding world to showcase the talents of baseball players in a tradition that is, as the saying goes, as American as apple pie. 
  • Cops killing citizens. Citizens killing cops. Individuals mowing down others in mass shootings. Suicide bombers detonating their explosives in crowds. The last few weeks have been full of enough horrifying events to overwhelm many people.
  • Forget broadband, what about phone service in rural Minnesota?

    Although there is a push to bring rural Minnesota into the 21st century with improved broadband, many areas are still struggling to keep on a level playing field for 20th century technology — the landline telephone.

  • It wouldn’t be surprising if data showed a large number of Americans searched the meaning of Brexit after Great Britain voted to exit the European Union last week. The decision by the United Kingdom has global implications as financial markets tumbled, putting a dent in retirement funds for millions of Americans, and raising the threat of a looming recession.

  • Bluff Country has gained a couple distilleries, a vineyard, a hard cider production plant and plans for a brewery in the past five years. It may seem like a new trend, but the developments actually harken back to a century ago when breweries were located in several area towns and a distillery produced rye whiskey in Forestville.

  • When Sen. Al Franken visited Kingsland two weeks ago, he was interested in talking about science, technology, engineering and science (STEM). However, the conversation kept drifting into other areas, ranging from American culture to creativity. That’s what happens when you include faculty from the art, music and English departments in a roundtable.

  • U.S. Sen. Al Franken showed his wit, geographic knowledge and artistic skills Friday during a stop at Kingsland Public School. Kingsland graduating seniors also got a chance to probe his mind for insight on his job, his relationships with others, his opinions and even his comedy.

  • Law enforcement officers are, at times, met with suspicion and distrust, given the recent high profile incidents involving encounters that have resulted in the deaths of people who didn’t deserve that unhappy ending. At least, on a national level, that seems to be the theme.

  • Finding someone to take care of children during the day and getting a speedy connection for online activities is a personal concern for many individuals. However, recently they have become economic development issues, not only among leaders in local communities, but also among state officials.

  • Many years ago, a person came into my office to threaten my newspaper with a boycott. Other local businesses received the same message if they supported the cause this person was against. I listened to him, but didn’t guarantee anything would change since we were merely reporting events.

  • The number of patients enrolled in the Minnesota medical marijuana program is far lower than expected. Only 1,300 patients have been approved, which is much less than the 5,000 predicted by the 2017 fiscal year.

  • The 53-year-old Clarion Inn in Rochester abruptly shut its doors Friday, the same day hotel officials made the announcement to employees it was closing. The hotel, part of a chain that owns Holiday Inn, plans to put a new Candlewood Inn on the same property by the end of the year.

  • This early in the legislative session, the easier bills tend to move forward through the Minnesota legislative process. Among those are a buffer bill that corrects a controversy, a fireworks bill that is surprisingly controversial and a fantasy sports bill that should be more controversial.

  • A man, although never identified, made the news earlier this spring when he tried to be a good Samaritan to a 9-year-old boy who lost his dog. The reason he made the news, though, is because the initial fear was that he was up to something no good.

  • Last week’s column about the health of residents in Fillmore and Houston counties noted that the results don’t follow trends in other rural counties of Minnesota. One reason could be that we aren’t as rural as we think.

Republican convention

Did the Republican National Convention make you more confident or less confident that Donald Trump would make a good president?


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