Every August, Creekside sees a tent pop up for the annual R.U.S.H. Fest. R.U.S.H. Fest is a Christian based meeting that seeks to enhance Christian’s relationship with God. Traditionally, this festival has been one day filled with bands and speakers. This year, R.U.S.H. is going to look a little different.

Nancy Agrimson, a member of the R.U.S.H. board, is excited for this year as they branch out from what has been done in the past. “This year, it’s being held in three evenings, from 6–9 p.m.,” said Agrimson. There will be four bands and two speakers this year. The four bands will be Highway 30, Refuge, a local band led by Nan and Terry Lesser, River’s Harvest, a band from a church in Onalaska, WI, and a band led by Tracy Agrimson. The two speakers are Bruce Van Natta and Joey Roberts.

Van Natta is a Wisc. native. Eight years ago, in 2006, he was working on a Peterbilt truck, when he went underneath the truck to help diagnose a leak. When the axle was sitting an inch above his chest, the jack shot out of place and the truck collapsed onto him, breaking his back and shattering vertebrae. Van Natta will share his testimony Thursday and Friday about how he prayed and was rescued from what should have been certain death.

Joey Roberts is a preacher from Alabama, currently living in Massachusetts. He recently published a book, “Say What,” and he will be speaking for Saturday night’s service.

The overall format for R.U.S.H. has changed, however, that’s not the only change that R.U.S.H. will see. “This year is a little different because it’s not focused on the youth as much as it is on the family. It’s more on encouraging people to give their life to Jesus and to spread the word about His love,” commented Agrimson. “So instead of focusing on bands, we have two powerful speakers coming in.”