Beware: The Classic Right Square Haircut Could be Aging You!

The square , a popular option among over 50, offers a blend of femininity and practicality. This well-favoured requires minimal , making it a go-to choice for high profile celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian. But there's more to it as you delve deeper.

A Versatile Cut Across Degrees of Modernity

From classic cuts to modern variations, the square cut has significantly evolved to match the changing trends and preferences. While there's a wide range of styles available, women in their 50s should steer clear of the strict right square. This particular could have an unflattering effect, making facial features appear heavier than they are.

On the other hand, asymmetrical cuts, gradients, plunging effects, and waves are highly recommended. These styles add volume to the hair, offering a more youthful and vibrant look. Techniques such as lifting the roots and aerating the hair can further enhance the look, creating an impression of volume and life.

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Rejuvenating Styles for a Youthful Look

The blurred, gradient square cut stands out as the most rejuvenating option for women over 50. The relaxed lines and irregular of this modern, chic style add volume and softness to the hair. This is not the only modern, short hairstyle for women over 50, there are plenty more that can help you achieve a rejuvenated look.

Glamour experts predict the plunging square to be a trendsetter in 2024. This haircut adds an edgy vibe to the overall look, making it ideal for women keen on making a bold statement. Another variant, the slightly plunging square with layers, contours the face, instantly enhancing facial features for a modern, youthful appearance.

The Fringe Factor

The square cut with fringe is predicted to be a top hair trend in 2024, says Vogue. It's a fail-safe way to hide forehead wrinkles and highlight the eyes. However, avoid straight, voluminous fringe as it can make facial features look heavy. Opt for a more subtle side fringe that adds an asymmetrical accent and volume to the forehead and top of the head. It offers versatility and can be styled in many ways, whether sleek, wavy, teased, or adorned with barrettes.

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The Short Square Cut and Its Variants

The short square cut, with its soft layers and textured finish, is a liberating choice for women in their 50s. It creates movement and rejuvenates the hair naturally. Bixie, a modern blend of the short square and Pixie, is another dynamic option, especially when worn with a fringe.

Classic Square Cut

The classic square cut, usually worn with a middle part, frames the face perfectly. It evenly distributes volume on both sides of the face. The curtain fringe, another classic style, is also a popular trend.

To achieve the desired effect with the least effort, the hair can be dried upside-down and scrunched slightly with the hands. This is an easy and effective method shared by hair stylist Ted Gibson, who believes that the secret to a great square cut lies in the right fit and cut.

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