Rejuvenate Your Look: Discover How the Right Hair Color Can Change Your Life

Change your hair color, change your life. After 40, choosing the right hair color can take years off your face and highlight your best features. It's not just about the hue, but also the techniques used for application.

Know Your Season

When selecting a hair color, it's vital to consider your skin tone. Much like , your skin tone can be categorized into one of four seasons each with its unique color palette:

  • Spring: If you have light skin with golden or peach undertones, bright eyes and light hair, warm tones will flatter you the most.
  • Summer: Those with light skin with pink or blue undertones, light hair, and blue, gray or green eyes would benefit from a Venetian blond.
  • : Individuals with skin that has warm and olive green undertones will shine with red and copper tones in their hair.
  • : For people with very light skin, brown, grey or green eyes and natural hair color that is often black, chocolate brown is a great choice.
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Accentuating Your Complexion and Features

There are several techniques to not only accentuate your complexion but also to soften your features. Venetian blond is a great choice for fair skin. Bronde, a blend of blond and brown, can be used to capture light. Copper red, projected to be a trend in 2024, works well for natural light hair. And for those with dark hair, caramel or chocolate brown is a great fit.

If you have gray hair, the right coloration can be determined by considering your skin tone and natural hair color. Hair contouring, which highlights your natural skin tone and face shape, is also worth consideration.

Blond hair color can give a youthful look by providing light and softness to the face. As such, it's often seen as a rejuvenating hair color.

What Your Veins Say About Your Best Hair Color

Wondering how to find the best hair color for you? Look at the color of your veins in your forearm. Blue veins suggest cool tones, while green veins suggest warm tones.

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Thin and Sparse Hair? Avoid Uniform Coloration

If you have thin and sparse hair, you should avoid uniform coloration and instead opt for highlights.

Dark Hair Colors and Short Haircut: A Winning Combo

Colors and dark shades can age your appearance if they're near your face, unless they're paired with a short haircut. If you're considering dark hair, you may also want to consider a mid-length or short square cut for dynamism and modernity.

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