Avoid These Fatal Errors for a Better Strawberry Yield

Are you looking to maximize your strawberry harvest next season? Proper care of your strawberry before can be a game-changer. Let's delve into the specifics:

Maintain and Prune Your Plants

Strawberries thrive with a bit of grooming. Start by trimming the stolons close to the ground. If you have an eye on multiplying your plants, leave a few stolons. Next, remove any damaged or diseased leaves to prevent your plants from being weakened.

It's also beneficial to clear all leaves 20 days after the harvest. This helps concentrate the plant's energy on the root system, fostering more robust growth.

Feed Your Plants Right

Fertilizing isn't just about increasing production; it also enhances the taste of your strawberries. Notably, a light dose of potassium is needed in fall right before winter. This can be achieved by using wood ashes.

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In addition to potassium, strawberries flourish in humus-rich . Therefore, adding mature compost to your soil can contribute significantly towards your plants' health.

Shield Your Strawberries from Winter’s Grasp

Despite being hardy in nature, strawberries aren't fans of humidity. Paired with frost, it poses serious threats to your plants. Mulching goes a long way in wintering your strawberries successfully.

Before mulching, ensure you rid your strawberry beds of weeds manually. Pine cone mulch works wonders due to its slightly acidic nature – which is favored by strawberries. Yet, straw or fern leaves are also valid options as they decay into natural organic matter.

Caring for Potted Strawberries

Strawberries grown in pots necessitate slightly different care. During severe frosts, the pots need protection. They should be placed in a sheltered location with good sun exposure. Interestingly, no watering is required in the heart of winter for potted strawberries.

Keep Your Strawberries Weed-Free

Throughout the year, make sure to keep your strawberries clear of weeds. By the time winter rolls around, each plant should be clean and well-cleared to endure the season and produce a bountiful harvest in the coming year.

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