Did You Know Solid Wood Flooring Can be Ruined by Furniture?

Choosing and maintaining solid wood flooring is a smart choice for any home, thanks to its natural material composition, thermal regulation properties, and investment value. Despite its many advantages, it's also susceptible to damage from furniture wheels or heavy objects.

Methods to Maintain and Repair Your Solid Wood Flooring

Don't fret if you find scratches or marks on your beautiful flooring. Several methods can be employed to fix these minor damages without the need for sanding.

Commercial Products

There are commercial products available on the market such as polish or scratch removers that can help eliminate these imperfections.

Household Remedies

Alternatively, you can also use household items like bicarbonate of soda or soap.

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Specific Household Items for Scratches Repair

If you feel like going the extra mile, specific household items can prove very useful for minor repairs. These items include:

  • Black soap and water or bicarbonate of soda
  • Cigarette ash for small scratches
  • An eyebrow pencil in a color similar to the floor
  • Mayonnaise for cracks
  • Walnut kernel for small scratches

Considerations for Different Floor Types

Understanding your floor type is important when fixing scratches. This can be determined with a simple water test.

Varnished Floors

For varnished floors, scratches can be repaired after sanding and re-varnishing the affected area.

Waxed Floors

For waxed floors, items like glycerine, bicarbonate of soda, or a cork stopper can come in handy.

Removing Shoe Marks

Shoe marks can be a nuisance on your precious flooring. Thankfully, they can be removed easily using a bicarbonate of soda and dish soap solution, or even toothpaste.

Filling Deep Scratches

Deep scratches require a slightly different approach. Applying varnish or wood sealant in a color similar to the floor can do the trick. Alternatively, an ink pencil of the same color can also be used for this purpose.

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Maintaining Waxed Floors

Regular maintenance is key for waxed floors. Heel marks can be removed with wax and then polished with a microfiber cloth. Sommière earth or clay stone can be used for and then wiped off with a damp cloth after a few hours. A mixture of equal parts turpentine, wax, and linseed oil is also effective in keeping your floor in top condition.

Techniques for Deep Scratches

For deep scratches, the best method is using wood paste. After cleaning the damaged area, apply a stripper around the scratch, fill the scratch with wood paste, and then smooth it out with a spatula.

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