Beware of These Common Fall Gardening Errors

Fall can be a tricky task – there are many potential pitfalls that even the most seasoned gardeners might unknowingly step into. The following are some of the common missteps and how to avoid them.

Leaving Diseased Plants in the Ground

One prevalent error is leaving in the ground after they have withered. These dead plants are susceptible to diseases and can provide shelter for pests. To avert pest infestation and disease spread, it's good practice to remove these plants and any fallen fruits.

Improper Pruning of Shrubs

Another frequent mistake involves the incorrect of shrubs. Be aware that some shrubs form buds for the coming year in the fall. Pruning incorrectly could lead to frost damage. Therefore, ensure you follow proper pruning guidelines to protect your shrubs.

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Allowing Leaves to Cover the Lawn

Leaving a layer of fallen leaves on your lawn could be detrimental to your grass. The leaves can smother the grass, leading to bald patches. Instead of letting them lay, why not rake them into your beds or compost?

Planting Spring Bulbs too Late

Many gardeners are guilty of planting spring bulbs too late in the fall. These bulbs need time to establish roots before the sets in. Planting them late could result in an empty garden come spring.

Leaving Soil Bare

Last on our list is the mistake of leaving exposed. Uncovered soil can become a breeding ground for weeds. To avoid this, consider covering your soil with crops. This can help suppress the growth of weeds and also replenish your soil nutrients.

By avoiding these common gardening missteps, you can ensure a healthier and more productive garden come spring.

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