Do You Keep Deteriorating Your Towels? Top Tips Revealed!

Do you want plush, fresh-smelling towels every time? Wondering how to maintain that softness or remove bad odour? This article has useful, straightforward to keep your towels at their best.

1. The Correct Washing Frequency

Keep a rotation and wash your towels after three uses as a general rule. A common mistake is to overuse detergent, this can actually encourage germs to multiply. A wash at 60°C is generally recommended for best results.

2. Getting Rid of Bad Odours

Bad smells can be dealt with effectively at home. Run a wash cycle with a cup of baking soda and 10 ml of white vinegar added in the machine. After starting, pause the cycle for an hour before restarting and completing. Further, add fabric softener and 100 ml of vinegar during a second cycle. Lastly, make sure to fully dry the towels in a dryer.


3. Softening New Towels

New towels often feel rough. The solution? Soak them in cold water for a full 48 hours with some coarse salt and white vinegar. Then, run a wash at a lower temperature, about 30°C. This process helps soften the fabric.

4. Keeping Towels Plush and Soft

Eucalyptus oil is a secret weapon for plush and soft towels. It refreshes, disinfects, and even removes stains. A fantastic addition to your laundry routine.

5. How to Use Eucalyptus Oil in Laundry

For a refreshing and clean wash, add 10 to 12 milliliters of eucalyptus oil directly into the washing machine drum. You can also add a few drops into the detergent compartment .

6. Caution with Essential Oils

Remember, essential oils are highly concentrated. Overuse can lead to allergies and irritation. Hence, employ them sparingly.

7. Optimal Drying of Towels

Post-drying, tap or shake out the towels to maintain their softness. Remove them promptly from the machine once the wash cycle finishes, to avoid bacterial and bad odours. Always dry in a spacious, well-ventilated area. Using dryer balls also aids in maintaining softness and reducing drying time.

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