Monstera Leaves not Growing? Here’s the Mistake You’re Making

If you desire to grow Monstera with large, vibrant leaves, the care regimen you provide must be optimal. Inadequate care and relative youth of the plant may lead to leaves being smaller than they can potentially be. Fear not, for we will guide you on how to provide the best care for your Monstera to achieve larger leaves.

Critical Care Factors for Bigger Leaves

There are several factors you need to consider when caring for your Monstera. Sufficient light, well-drained , adequate watering, high humidity, and a support stake are some of the primary requirements for larger leaves.


Monstera need moderate sunlight filtered through a window. Direct sun should be avoided as it can harm the plant. Also, rotating the pot regularly ensures even growth of the plant.


Monstera thrives in high humidity conditions. Daily misting or the use of a humidifier can achieve this. A quarterly shower for the plant is also beneficial.

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Leaf Cleaning

Regularly the leaves with a damp cloth helps facilitate photosynthesis, contributing to healthier and larger leaves.


Water your Monstera moderately every 10 days. Additionally, a monthly supply of fertilizer from Spring to Fall aids in the growth and health of the plant.


Monstera plants need support to grow. You can use bamboo or moss stakes, metal trellises or other types of support. For smaller varieties, wall clips can be used.


Every two years, repot your Monstera in a slightly larger container. This prevents root overcrowding, which can hinder the plant's growth and the size of its leaves.

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