Never Toss Rotten Mirabelles Again: Learn How Here!

Delve into practical ways you can preserve and enjoy the delightful taste of mirabelles for a longer period.

Choosing Your Mirabelles

When shopping for mirabelles, opt for the green ones. These will continue to ripen, extending their shelf life.

Refrigerating Mirabelles

Once you've got your mirabelles, the first step is to refrigerate them swiftly to avoid spoilage. Placing them in a sealed container with paper towels is a savvy move. The paper towels serve to absorb moisture, maintaining the freshness of the fruit.

Making Mirabelle Compote

Turning your mirabelles into compote is another practical preservation method. The procedure is similar to jam-making but typically involves less or no sugar. Note that there's no need for sterilization if you plan to consume the compote within a few days after making it.

Freezing Mirabelles

Freezing your mirabelles is another effective preservation method. First, wash and pit the fruits before storing them in a freezer bag. This method allows you to save your mirabelles for several months. When ready to use them, just take them out of the freezer and add directly into your smoothies or other favorite dishes without thawing.

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Preparing Mirabelle Jam

Mirabelle jam is another delightful way to preserve the fruits. It has a longer shelf life compared to compote. The preparation process involves washing and pitting the fruit, then adding sugar and lemon juice. The mixture is then cooked until the desired consistency is achieved, after which it's stored in sterilized jars.

Drying Mirabelles

Drying is a fantastic preservation method for your mirabelles. After washing and pitting the fruits, they are sun-dried for around two days. Once they're completely dry, store them in a sealed jar. You can rehydrate them using hot water when you intend to use them in various recipes.

Remember, while these preservation methods extend the life of your mirabelles, you might want to consider consuming the fruits fresh. This allows you to get the most and savor the full flavor of the fruit.

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