Revealed: The Unknown Uses of Rice That Can Change Your Life!

Rice, a versatile staple known around the world for its culinary uses, also doubles as a high-grade tool for household activities. It's time to explore the many other facets of this humble grain beyond the dinner table. Here are four everyday life you can implement using just one cup of rice.

To Combat Dampness

Rice retains its unique ability to absorb moisture, making it an effective weapon against dampness. For instance, a mixture of rice and essential oil in a jar effectively neutralises odours in the bathroom. Every fortnight, simply replace the rice for a continuous effect.

Accidentally dropped your phone in water? Don't despair. You can use rice to dry it out. Just bury your phone in a bowl of rice and let it do its magic!

To Combat Bad Odours

Rice can also be a natural solution to combat unpleasant odours. You can create sachets of rice with dried lavender for a pleasant smell in your wardrobes. Alternatively, place rice infused with essential oil in a jar and use it as a room freshener.

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For Cleaning Purposes

When it comes to , rice can be surprisingly handy. You can use it to clean out hard-to-reach areas in wine or oil bottles, making them ready for reuse. Furthermore, a combination of rice and soapy hot water can be used to scrub your silverware clean.

To Attract Luck and Prosperity

In Feng Shui, rice is seen as a symbol of and abundance. Scattering rice in corners of your house is believed to attract good energy. However, remember to replace it regularly as rice is known to absorb bad energy quickly.

Want to attract wealth? Place seven coins in a bowl of rice at the entrance of your home or on your office desk. This simple act is said to bring monetary luck your way.

So, the next time you're looking down at a cup of rice, remember, it's not just for anymore.

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