Uncover the Secret Colour Choice for Mothers of the Bride in 2024!

Let's delve into trends in 2024, specifically concerning the choice of dress colour for the mother of the bride. The selection process involves consideration of the overall wedding , the mother's individual style, and body shape.

Mother of the Bride Colour Guide

Traditionally, the shades of white and beige are not selected as they are often reserved for the bride. Black is generally avoided as well, but can be considered if it is paired with other colours. Certain colour choices, such as green, yellow, fluorescent colours and red, can be ambiguous and might convey a more festive than ceremonial feel. Therefore, these are generally seen as too bright for a wedding.

Recommended Colours

Many recommend earthy shades such as sienna and terracotta, along with lemon yellow, blue-green, or sage green for the mother of the bride. If these colours do not resonate, one can always opt for a personal favourite colour. For weddings with a nature theme, shades of pink like pale pink, old rose, powder pink, and salmon can be charming picks.

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Classic colours like grey, navy blue, and dark blue are always a good choice. They are viewed as timeless and age-appropriate. For a restaurant wedding, a purple evening dress can strike the right note, while a more casual or printed dress in purple would be appropriate for a wedding.

Colour Choices for Different Ages

around the age of 60 are usually advised to stick with colours like black, white, beige, grey, or navy blue. Bright or flashy colours are generally discouraged. Pastel or lighter tones such as pink and lavender provide a soft, chic look that is quite fitting for a wedding. Darker colours like navy blue and burgundy can add an elegant touch to the overall look.

Accessorizing Your Dress

While bright and vibrant colours are a fashion trend in 2024, they may not be suitable for the mother of the bride. More subdued golden and silver hues can be an elegant choice if the dress is styled correctly. However, the fabric and cut of the dress are far more significant than flashy jewellery.

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Nothing can elevate an elegant dress more than the right accessories. Nevertheless, they should enhance and not overshadow the beautiful dress chosen. So keep it simple, and let your dress do all the talking.

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