Unleash Your Daring Side: 2024’s Unmissable Hair Color Trends

2024 is set to be an exciting year in the world of hair color, offering a variety of shades and styles that range from the subtle to the bold. From warm, coppery colors to darker shades, there are plenty of trends to look forward to this year.

Iced Tea: The Elegant Look

For a timeless and elegant look, go for the ‘Iced Tea'. A blend of beige with delicate taupe highlights, it's a refreshing color option that suits women over 50 looking for a youthful look. This color is also a wonderful choice in spring, when you can opt for a milk tea coloration to brighten your complexion.

Chocolate Shades: For the Undecided

Next on our list is the ‘Dark Chocolate' color. If you can't decide between brown and black, this blend offers the best of both worlds. To soften your facial features and add a touch of vibrancy, consider a balayage. On the other hand, for a darker shade that adds softness to your face, the ‘Hot Chocolate Brown' is a perfect fit and suits almost everyone.

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Cowboy Copper: The Warm Tone

For those who prefer warm tones, ‘Cowboy Copper Hair' is a top pick. Its warm sandy shades are reminiscent of western movies and it's an excellent choice to warm up pale complexions, especially during the months.

Aubrin Red and Honey Streaks

‘Aubrin Red' is a perfect choice for chestnut hair that needs a boost. It's a combination of red and brown with red or burgundy highlights. Keep in mind, this color could accentuate paleness, so consider it carefully. On the other hand, ‘Honey Streaks' offer a natural-looking color with a twist. Adding caramel or honey highlights can bring character and light to your hair.

Blond Shades: Peach and Ash

In line with Pantone's color of the year 2024, ‘Peach Blond' is hot on the trend list. However, it does demand regular salon visits to maintain the look. Alternatively, ‘Ash Blond', a blend of blond and chestnut, offers depth and is a balanced mix of elegance and class. Suitable for brunettes desiring a lighter shade, it's definitely a trend to watch, particularly as the ‘Barbie blond' look steps aside.

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Bold Red: The Continuing Trend

Red has been a trend for a while and it's expected to continue in 2024. Whether you're an experienced hair color experimenter or just starting, there's a red shade that will complement your skin tone and eye color.

Women Over 50: Rejuvenating Shades

Women over 50 can opt for lighter shades or colors similar to their natural hair for a rejuvenating effect. The goal is to bring softness to the face without emphasizing wrinkles.

2024 Hair Trends: Texture and Accessories

In 2024, expect to see a surge in personalised solutions and layered for added dimension and texture. Natural curls will be appreciated more than ever. Retro with airy volume will also be in vogue. As for accessories, get ready for a comeback of barrettes and other hair embellishments.

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