Unlock Your November Garden’s Potential: Here’s How!

Let's dive into the world of November gardening, exploring practical tasks, sowing , and ideal plantings for the month. It's a crucial time to late crops and get ready for the upcoming gardening season.

Gardening Tasks for the Month of November

As the last full month of fall, November provides a great opportunity to gather the remnants of your crops. Not only does this keep your garden tidy, but it also ensures you reap the full rewards of your hard work. Following the harvest, it's also time to set the stage for the next gardening season.

Seeds to Sow in November

New seeds can be sown during this month. Here are some suggestions:

  • Broad beans and dwarf peas: Suitable for milder climates, these seeds may require a fleece cover in colder regions.
  • Green manure in empty beds: Field beans or clover, for instance, can be useful to enrich the .
  • Cold-resistant, short- radishes: Be cautious not to sow these during extended rainy periods.
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Novermber Planting Guide

Here are some ideal to grow in November:

  • White garlic: Considered the best vegetable to plant in November, it requires pailling around the area to ensure a successful harvest. Harvest it when the foliage turns yellow.
  • Spring cabbage: This can be planted at the start of the month with a good layer of mulching.
  • Spinach: This can be a gamble, as it requires careful planning due to its sensitivity to climate change.

Furthermore, if you have a tunnel, you have the opportunity to plant a wide variety of salads. Lettuce can be sown under protection and replanted in open ground when large enough. Be cautious during rainy periods as it may impact the growth of the plant.

Rhubarb and Artichoke Plantings

Rhubarb and artichokes are perennial plants that can be planted in November, adding a unique touch to your garden's landscape.

Small Fruit Tree Plantings

November is also the ideal time to take cuttings and plant fruit trees. With the sap descended, it's the perfect time to multiply raspberries. For those interested in a long-term project, consider sowing fruit trees using seeds to create a unique orchard.

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