Warning: Your Living Room About to Become Outdated in 2024!

Eager to stay ahead of the curve in the world of ? Discover what's expected to make waves in 2024. From chrome accents to the rise of maximalism, these trends are set to redefine our living spaces.

Chrome Excellence

The forthcoming year forecasts a preference for metallic finishes, more specifically chrome. This trend spans the spectrum of interior decor pieces – from furniture legs to mirror frames and even small standing lamps. The sheen of nickel, stainless steel, and most notably chrome, provides a striking contrast to the surge in natural materials and unfinished decor – a combination that's both eclectic and harmonious.

Round and Serene

Continuing the curve trend, rounded finishes will continue to dominate in 2024. This is visible across a variety of furniture and decor items, instilling every space with a comforting and serene atmosphere. So, expect to see more fluid, circular designs in your favorite interior spaces.

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Back to the ’70s

The 1970s decor is making its way back into our homes. Warm colors such as orange, brown, and ocher will be popular. This revival will also bring back geometric shapes, abstract elements, and even a touch of psychedelic influence. Look out for bohemian accents, cane furniture, artisanal weaves, and terracotta-colored accent walls as they make a strong comeback.

Earthly Brown

In 2024, brown will be at the forefront of color trends in interior design. Its warm undertone creates an inviting atmosphere and reinforces closeness to nature – an element that has become increasingly valued in contemporary design.

Ecological Minimalism

Minimalism continues to shape design trends, but with an ecological twist inspired by the Japandi style. This trend leans toward simplicity, emphasizing natural materials and soft, enveloping textures. In essence, it's a further development of the ‘quiet luxury' trend.

Maximalism Returns

A stark contrast to the minimalist trend, maximalism is set to return. This flamboyant design approach makes use of bold, contrasting decoration and the so-called ‘curiosity cabinet' aesthetic. Think wall-to-ceiling decoration, daring wallpapers, shelves packed with objects, and walls designed to mimic art galleries.

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The Art of Design

2024 is expected to witness an increased use of art objects to add sophistication and interest to spaces. Wall-filling art displays will be popular, as will artisanal furniture and objects – think hand-carved wood, ceramics, and blown glass. These elements boast an incredible capacity to transform a room into a visually intriguing and aesthetically delightful space.

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