What Your Hair Needs: Honey or Caramel Highlights?

Adding a fresh touch to your hair with some highlights can work wonders in enhancing your look. Our focus here lies on two popular highlight options – honey and caramel. Let's delve into the distinct characteristics and benefits of these two choices.

Honey vs Caramel: The Highlight Options

Honey highlighting can be considered a form of partial coloration, adding an array of tones to your hair. It involves a slight discoloration of certain sections of your hair, lending it an enhanced volume and a touch of light. On the other hand, caramel highlighting is essentially a light brightening built on a brown or chestnut base, covering your hair in a softer veil of copper shades.

Rejuvenating Your Face: Making the Right Choice

The choice between honey and caramel highlights can significantly influence the perceived age of your face. For those aiming at a younger look, honey highlights are typically recommended. They are particularly effective on light chestnut hair, delivering a luminescent effect and an increased depth to your hair. For those harboring brown or dark chestnut hair, honey highlights can invigorate and warm up the . Conversely, caramel highlights offer a slight lightening effect on a brown or chestnut base, without covering the roots. These require two or three times a year, and are best avoided during holidays due to the risk of the hair acquiring a greenish hue when exposed to pool water.

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Highlighting: The Do’s and Don’ts

While the right type of highlighting can help rejuvenate your face, some considerations should be noted. Soft caramel highlighting is advisable, while steering clear of orange shading. Although stronger highlights can accentuate facial features, they may simultaneously age the appearance and are generally not recommended for over 50. As age progresses, it could be beneficial to lighten the hair. It is wise to avoid orange, red, and plum shades, as they could potentially dull the face and damage the hair.

The importance of professional highlighting cannot be overstressed. Highlighting executed poorly might amplify facial flaws, while skillfully done coloration can enhance facial features. Consulting a specialist colorist is key, as they can select the ideal color based on your facial features and skin tone.

Highlighting: Tailoring to Your Skin Tone

When considering highlighting options, it is vital to bear in mind your skin tone. For those with golden or matte skin, all types of highlighting are acceptable. If you have mixed-race or black skin, it's best to focus on the hair extremities. On the other hand, for light-skinned individuals, cascade highlighting is the ideal approach.

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As a prime example, the renowned actress Penelope Cruz has beautifully displayed the charm of caramel highlighting, offering inspiration to countless women worldwide.

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