Why the World Will Fall in Love with Long Pleated Skirts in 2024

Make a bold statement in 2024 with long pleated skirts. Vogue Magazine labels these skirts as chic and fashionable. Particularly, the sun pleats style is expected to be prevalent. Metallic colors like silver and gold are predicted to be highly trendy, although neutral colors will also be popular.

Choosing According to Body Type

Petite and slim bodies can easily pull off long pleated skirts. However, petite and round bodies should choose carefully to avoid mistakes. On the other hand, long pleated skirts naturally accent curves for taller bodies.

Footwear Selections

Your shoe choice depends on the event or occasion. Opt for high-heeled boots for a chic, attractive look in . Flat boots go well with midi skirts for a rock-style. For a modern twist, consider metallic booties.

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Picking the Perfect Top

An oversized cashmere pullover with round or V-neck compliment the long pleated skirts in winter. Go for a bare-shouldered pull to achieve a more feminine look. For formal events, noble material blouses are recommended. A sweatshirt and pleated skirt combo create a modern, casual look.

Chic Styling for Women Over 50 in Winter

A chic winter look with a pleated skirt can be achieved for over 50 by choosing clothes based on body type. Add modern elements to the classic piece and play with different textures and materials. The high-waisted cut naturally elongates the silhouette. To create an elegant look, avoid prints and opt for monochrome outfits with less dense, spaced pleats.

Styling Pleated Skirts for Overweight Women

Avoid adding extra material to your ensemble. Choose appropriate tops to balance and harmonize the silhouette. Slightly tucking in the pullover at the front provides a balanced silhouette. Also, darker monochrome outfits offer a slimming effect.

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Wedding Styling Tips for Pleated Skirts

Metallic and pastel colors are recommended for wedding events. Pair a silver skirt with a white satin top for an elegant look. Use a silk blouse or scarf to cover your arms. In terms of footwear, pointy shoes or wedge sandals are suitable. Accessorize with a thin belt and appropriate jewelry for a complete look.

Maintenance of Pleated Skirts

Laser-made pleats on store-bought skirts can withstand a few washes. When , place the skirt on a flat surface and roll from bottom to waist. Then, place it in a protective mesh or old nylon stocking for washing.

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