Bizarre Feng Shui Rituals to Attract Uplifting Energy and Wealth

Discover how the ancient Chinese method of Feng Shui can usher in and good fortune into your living space. Uncover the secret to attracting positive energy by avoiding certain items and introducing beneficial changes.

Can Feng Shui Bring Luck and Prosperity?

Feng shui, the Chinese practice of arranging your environment to create harmony, is known to bring luck and prosperity. It's an art that emphasizes the importance of the balance and flow of energy in your environment. By manipulating these energies, you can create a space that attracts wealth, success, and happiness.

13 Things to Avoid Keeping at Home for Good Energy

If you're wondering what to avoid in your pursuit of good luck, here are thirteen items that you should refrain from having at home:

  • Decorations made from dead leaves
  • Green paint
  • Old brooms
  • Bouquets of red and white
  • Open umbrellas
  • Images of destruction
  • Cacti
  • Ladders leaning against a wall
  • Old calendars
  • Peacock feathers
  • Broken crockery
  • Items stored under the bed
  • Broken or battery-less clocks
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Why You Shouldn’t Keep These at Home

These items are believed to bring bad luck or negative energy. For instance, green paint and red and white flowers have historically been associated with death. Similarly, items like cacti and ladders are said to introduce bad energy into your space, according to Feng Shui principles.

Additionally, broken items like crockery and clocks are seen as a symbol of halted or damaged wealth and time. Having items stored under your bed can disrupt the energy flow in your room and can lead to interrupted sleep.

Attracting Good Luck with Feng Shui

In your quest for good luck, here are some easy tips to follow:

  • Change your brooms regularly.
  • Opt for different colors when choosing flowers.
  • Choose like bamboo or pothos.
  • Keep your living space tidy to encourage the flow of energy.
  • Live in the present; ensure your calendars are current.
  • Dispose of broken or non-functioning items.
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By adhering to these guidelines, you could potentially create an environment brimming with positivity and good luck.

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