Danger! The Surprising Mistake Killing Your Orchids

Orchids are delicate beauties that demand attention to thrive, including specifics on location, light, temperature, fertilizer, and watering routines.

Tricks to Initiate Orchid Blooming

A variety of methods can be employed to trigger your orchid into :

Shock Therapy

  • Seclude the orchid in a dark room for several days then transfer it near a window.
  • Expose the orchid to the outdoor environment, ignoring the temperature briefly.
  • Position the orchid in a luminous spot and turn down temperatures at night while infrequently watering.

Green Tea Treatment

  • Brew a pot of tea and allow it to cool before using it to hydrate the orchid for five days, followed by a two-day break.

Lemon Water Method

  • Blend one spoonful of lemon juice with two grams of water for every liter.
  • Firstly hydrate the roots with fresh water, followed by the lemon water.
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Garlic Water Solution

This method is particularly effective when an orchid is failing to bloom, showing poor leaf and root development, displaying signs of fungi, or suffering from dry leaves. Be cautious about using it during flowering, more frequently than every two months, or if the water has turned after three days.

  • Prepare the solution by finely dicing two cloves of garlic, put in a jar, and top off with boiling water. Allow it to rest in a dark room for an hour before utilizing it.

Reviving a Wilting Orchid

If an orchid begins to fade, all is not lost. First, extract all dead components, then purify the roots and let them dry. Position the orchid in a clear glass container and suspend watering for two weeks. After this period, you can resume its watering schedule.

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