Ditch Your Dirty Floors: Discover the Ultimate Floor Cleaning Guide

If you've been wrestling with dirty floors and stubborn stains, this article is for you. We're taking you through the intricate world of floor , and how to do it right.

Firstly, you might think hot water is always the best option. It's true that the higher chemical reactivity of hot water allows it to dissolve fats and dirt faster. Also, hot water is a great sterilizer, being effective in exterminating bacteria and germs.

But, it's not always the best choice for cleaning floors. Using hot water to mop the floor can often result in toxic residues from cleaning products. Moreover, certain surfaces may get damaged by this method.

On the contrary, cold water does a better job for regular cleaning. It dries slower and more evenly, reducing the chance of leaving marks. A useful tip is to first wash with hot water and then rinse with cold water.

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If you're worried about the potential harm caused by chemical cleaning products, fear not. Natural products like Marseille soap, soda crystals, and white vinegar are effective cleaning agents.

Different Floor Types and their Cleaning Methods

The type of floor you have dictates the cleaning method. Here's a rundown:

  • Tiles: Cold or lukewarm water mixed with vinegar is the way to go.
  • Laminate floors: A combination of warm water and a drop of dish soap is ideal.
  • Linoleum: Cold water or a hot water mix of dish soap and vinegar works well.
  • Wood floors and parquet: Warm water and black soap are a great match.
  • Marble: Marseille soap or baking soda in hot water is effective, but make sure to dry the surface quickly.
  • Granite and porcelain: Regular and deep cleaning helps maintain their appearance.

Remember, if your cleaning solution contains hot water, avoid immediate application on the floor. Allow it to cool down a bit before use. And, give your floor some time to dry completely before stepping on it. This will help ensure a thorough clean and a longer-lasting shine.

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