Frustrated with your Hair? Discover this Hair Color Hack

Transforming the natural shade or texture of hair can be an exciting journey for many . Yet, it can also become a frustrating process, filled with complex coding systems and dubious styling tools. Let's explore this journey further.

It's not uncommon to find that many women are not entirely satisfied with the natural shade or texture of their hair. This dissatisfaction often leads to the use of various hair coloring products, which promise a beautiful transformation.

The Art of Hair Coloring

Changing the color of your hair isn't as simple as applying a dye. It's a complex process that involves various tools and products. Many women turn to heating devices to their hair, not realizing that these devices can cause significant damage to their hair fibers.

The color chosen for hair should complement the base color. The challenge here is understanding the complex numeric code associated with hair colors. Decoding this number becomes a daunting task for many, leading to undesirable results.

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Decoding the Color Code

Being able to decode the numeric code on hair coloring products is essential. Typically, this code uses numbers and a comma. The number before the comma denotes the primary shade, while the number after it stands for the secondary tone.

The numbers in this code have specific meanings. The numeral 0 denotes nothingness, whereas 1 refers to ash, 2 to iridescent, 3 to gold, 4 to copper, 5 to mahogany, 6 to red, and 7 to auburn.

The 0 number has special importance and implications based on its position in the code. If it is before the comma, it signifies natural color. After the comma, it represents the current state. At the last place, it brings out all the shades in the hair.

Role of The Colorist

If decoding the color code seems daunting, colorists can be of great assistance. They are experts in determining the right color number for your hair, based on various factors such as your natural and the desired shade.

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Moreover, the same family can have a variety of hair colors. Hence, it's vital to understand your hair color rather than basing your choice on others in your family.

Choosing the Right Shade

Using a tone scale can be very helpful in choosing the right hair color. Also, the choice of the hair color's reflection plays a significant role in achieving the desired result.

Knowing and understanding the code of hair coloration equips you with the necessary information to avoid undesirable results.

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