Master the Art of Picking the Right Hairstyle for a Square Face!

Do you have a square face and wondering which will look great on you? We've got the solution for you! Discover the best that will magnify your square face features while adding an extra .

The defining features of square faces are a broad jawline and forehead, with near identical width and length. Certain can work wonders in softening and lengthening these features. Let's explore some of the recommended haircuts.

The Perfect Haircut for Square Faces

Structured hairstyles, specifically those with volume at the jawline, can really help to soften harsh facial angles. A long bob, albeit one that is mindful not to over-emphasize the jawline, is a great look. Key to achieving this look is to avoid an excessively straight cut, with long, layered cuts or tousled bobs often being the best choice.

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Popular Haircuts for Square Faces in 2024

The coming year promises some exciting trends for square faces. Whether you prefer mid-length cuts, long hair or fringes, we've got you covered.

Mid-Length Cuts

  • Feathered cuts – Ideal for lightly layered hair, and helps to prevent split ends.
  • Halo cut – A versatile bowl cut with a rounded shape, suitable for all events.
  • Shag cut – This cut, popular since the 70s, can be paired with a thin, tapered fringe, particularly attractive for older .
  • Mid-length lob – A style that suits any age.

Long Hair Styles

  • Tied-back styles – Emphasizes the face, best with hair that's straight and moisturized.
  • Butterfly cut – Thick hair works best with this style.
  • Chignons – A sophisticated yet practical option. Wavy chignons are perfect for those with curly or wavy hair.

Fringe Styles

  • Textured fringes – Lightly layered and long fringes can soften and balance features.
  • Asymmetrical or side-swept fringes are recommended.
  • Thick fringes – Whether worn as a lock or curtain, can enhance the entire look.
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Bear in mind that if you're over 50, long hair may not be the best choice as age can impact hair shine and thickness.

Short Cuts

For those who prefer short hair, layered, wavy cuts above the jawline are suggested. Extra short or shaved cuts can accentuate the square face features. A bob cut, a timeless classic, is also an excellent choice. For women over 60, a deconstructed bob cut is suggested. If you're over 50, a short, square cut with sharp edges could be the ideal match. Layered cuts can add depth and volume, with a short bob featuring defined layers being a good complement to a square face.

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