Why Natural Stone Borders Could Be Your Garden’s Missing Piece!

Transform your into a visually striking haven with natural stone borders. This simple addition not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your green space, but also brings functionality.

Designing Your Garden Borders

Before you dive into the work, it's advised to plan your design on paper. This preliminary step ensures a smooth execution of your project. The options for garden borders are extensive, with alternative materials like wood, metal, and plastic also available. However, one can also opt to use for a more organic look.

Natural Stone Selection

The beauty of natural stones lies in their variety. With an array of textures, sizes, and colors, these stones provide a multitude of design choices. You're not limited to standard selections like Burgundy stone, slate, or mica granite. Gravel and slate are also popular, especially in modern, zen-inspired designs.

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Installation Process

The process of installing natural stone borders involves several steps. Begin by digging a trench, followed by pouring a mortar bed. Finally, the stones are installed, maintaining a minimum space of 1cm between each. To preserve their natural beauty, the application of a sealant is recommended.

Choosing Border Plants

If you're looking to create borders using plants, the choice of flora depends on several factors. These include the specific climatic conditions, the nature of the , and your personal tastes. Some recommended options are Lavender, Hostas, Aubrietas, Gysophila, Santolina, rustic geraniums, Thyme, Bergenia, Erigerons, and Nepetas.

Creating Unique Designs

The possibilities for designing garden borders are only limited by your imagination. One can leverage the beauty of natural stone to delineate a herb bed or create height variations using different stone sizes.

The benefits of using natural stone borders are manifold, including providing an elegant look and a functional design. With the added bonus of low , natural stone is a considerable choice for any garden.

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