Revealed: The Ultimate Guide to Successful Potato Planting in 2024

Unlock the secrets to a successful potato planting venture! Learn which potato varieties to choose, when to plant, and how to nurture your crop. This is tailored to maximize your 2024 potato yield.

The Ideal Potato Varieties

Depending on your and taste preferences, there are several types of potatoes to choose from:

  • Tender flesh types: These potatoes, such as “Mistral” or “Monalisa,” are perfect for purees and gratins. They can be easily cooked using water or steam.
  • Firm flesh types: Versatile in their use, firm flesh types like “Amandine”, “Ratte”, or “Bernadette” are valuable in all cooking methods including salads and roasts.
  • Ancient varieties: Chefs are reviving old potato breeds like “Bleu d'Artois” and “Rose de France” for their unique flavors.
  • Early varieties: For a summer yield, plant these in the spring and wait approximately 100 days for maturity.
  • Late varieties: Plant these in the late spring and reap the in late summer after approximately 150 days.
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Climate-Based Planting Times in 2024

If you live in a cold or mountainous region, it's best to plant your potatoes at the end of April or early May, after the threat of frost is over and the has warmed. On the other hand, if you're in a mild climate, start planting from March. Coastal areas present the opportunity for February planting.

Planting Process

To maximize your potato yield, follow these steps:

  • Germination: You can advance your harvest by 15 days by germinating your potato .
  • Soil preparation: A week prior to planting, aerate the soil with a spade.
  • Planting: Set plants 30-40 cm apart, with 70 cm between rows. Make a 10-15 cm hole, place the plant with the sprouts facing up, and cover with a few centimeters of soil. After two weeks, fill the hole to the top.


Potatoes have a hearty appetite for nutrients. Enhance your yield by adding compost or manure at the time of planting.

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Companion Planting and Lunar Planting

For a healthy and thriving potato crop, consider companion planting. Plants like cosmos, wormwood, garlic or nematodes make great neighbors for potatoes. You can also follow potatoes with beans, turnips, or radishes.

In terms of lunar planting, aim to plant your potatoes when the moon is waning. Opt for dryer days, as rain can oversoak the soil, hindering .

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