The Shocking Way Your Clothes Can Make You Look Younger

Looking to refresh your look with a youthful glow? The secret lies in your wardrobe. The right colors and styles can enhance your complexion, light up your face and provide a rejuvenating effect.

Neutral shades are a safe bet when it comes to . White, beige, and ecru can light up your complexion, bringing a fresh and to your skin.

Want a larger splash of colour? Don't shy away from bright colors. Green, pink fuchsia, and red can add a glorious radiance to your face, instantly improving your appearance.

If patterns are your thing, stripes and polka dots can work wonders. Used in moderation, they can inject a sense of freshness into your .

Pastels are another brilliant choice. These soft hues can soften and rejuvenate your look, working well with any skin tone.

However, not all colors are created equal when it comes to maintaining youthful looks. Stay away from strict shades such as violet and bordeaux that can be aging.

Choosing the Right Colors for You

Color choices should also be determined by your personal attributes. Your skin, hair, and eye color play a big role in what will suit you best.

  • Spring type – If you have light hair, skin, and eyes, you should stick to warm and neutral colors. Orange, saffron, and cream can be particularly flattering.
  • Summer type women – For those with rosy or golden skin, brown, grey, and green eyes, and dark blond or brunette hair, cool and light colors are your best bet. Think: pink, yellow, mauve, light blue.
  • type women – Women with golden skin, brown hair, and eyes should opt for warm colors. Shades like ocre, earth, rust, cognac, and ecru can enhance your natural beauty.
  • Winter type women – If you have light skin, dark or black hair, and grey or black eyes, stick to intense and cold colors. Royal blue, emerald green, and primary colors, especially red, can work wonders for your look.
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The Trend for 2023-2024

Lastly, for the fashion-forward women out there, keep an eye on metallic sweaters. They're on trend for the 2023-2024 season and offer an easy way to stay warm, chic and youthful.

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